How this mum-of-three lost 34 kilos and is improving her health after the birth of her last baby

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The thought of getting back into a healthy exercise regime after giving birth may seem a little daunting. And it was for this incredible mama.

Before the birth of her last child, Laura Flanagan had lost 34 kilos in 10 months through following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and drinking The Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

12 weeks ago, this mama had her third baby after suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, but she is now more than ready to focus back on her health and fitness!


Getting back into fitness

Laura is mum to a four-year-old boy, a two year girl as well as her baby girl.

“At first, the idea of being able to continue on with my weight loss goals was daunting, I had no idea how I’d manage,” she says.

“I made the decision I was going to allow myself to be a priority.”

Here’s how she does it:


1. Make exercise an appointment you keep

I’ve started scheduling in exercise and commit to it like it is an appointment. Some days this means I’m up at 5.30am exercising before breakfast, other times it’s in between appointments or scattered through the day.

Whenever it is scheduled, I make sure it’s something that gets done with no excuses.


2. Get organised with meal planning

I use the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to plan out meals that are quick and budget friendly and meal plan for the fortnight.

I then schedule in what we’ll eat on which days and where possible I start prepping for the next day, the day before. It’s all about using the pockets of time I have wisely.

3. Drinking the Healthy Mummy Smoothies

My mornings are crazy, so I put all my smoothie ingredients in my blender bottle ready to blend fresh in the morning. Every little bit helps.

“By doing all of this, I have found I am able to work on my weight loss goals and still look after three kids and a house,” adds Laura.

“It’s a balancing act but I invest time in planning and it all comes together.”

Laura’s Healthy Mummy journey

Before falling pregnant with baby number three, Laura turned to The Healthy Mummy to help her improve her health, better her eating habits and prioritise her fitness.

Laura Flannagan

And an added bonus of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and drinking Healthy Mummy Smoothiesshe lost an incredible 34 kilograms.

When Laura fell pregnant with her latest bub, she said it was by far her healthiest pregnancy ever and credits the help of The Healthy Mummy.

Laura says, “My goal was to eat and drink healthy so I can recover the best I can from my pregnancy and caesarean and have the energy to look after a newborn.”

And…so far, she has nailed her goal.

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