Mum loses 27kg and goes down 6 dress sizes!

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Before Rebecca Faithful signed up to The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, she admits she had very low self esteem.

But amazingly, this beautiful mum-of-three has been able to lose 27kg, drop 6 dress sizes, and gain some self-confidence!

Here’s how she did it…

Mum loses 27kg and goes down 6 dress sizes!

Mum LOSES 27kg and GAINS some self-confidence!

Rebecca, 33, reveals she wasn’t happy with the way she looked before she stumbled across The Healthy Mummy.

“I was so sick of seeing myself in the mirror. I hated that my already big clothes were tight and I needed to shop for BIGGER clothes,” she admits.

“I hated seeing myself in photos.”

One day the Melbourne-based decided it was time for a change. She decided to put herself first and work on her weight but also her health and mind-set.

When Rebecca first joined she was 120kg, but she says she made very small adjustments to her lifestyle and took one step at a time.

She says, “I started off SMALL by changing ONE thing at a time, once I aced it I then added another!

“This was different from what I used to do, as I would set the bar high with many changes and all I did was set myself up to fail!”

Why Rebecca recommends taking progress pictures

The best way to see how far your come is by taking progress pictures, reveals Rebecca.

“Photos are great! They show how far you have come,” she says. “When I used to look at a picture of someone’s progress, I would feel inspired and I’d message right away asking how long it took and what they did.”

In fact, Rebecca says she’s learnt that she’s on her own journey and tries not to compare herself to others.

I have learnt NOT to compare myself to another person or what they can do and what I cannot do. Because everyone’s body is different, there are no two bodies the same,” she says.

“Each and every one of us has a different level they’re at. I struggled with exercise in the beginning, I could barely lift myself off the floor. “I pushed myself and before I knew it my strength had grown I was able to do more and more each day!

When it comes to food, Rebecca says she doesn’t deprive herself of anything, she just eats sensibly.

“Weekends are my cheat days and then all through the week are my days to be healthy,” she says. “I’m strict within myself BUT in saying that I’m only human. I won’t lie, I slip up every now and then, but I pick myself up and continue to keep going.”

Mum loses 27kg and goes down 6 dress sizes!

Example of Rebecca’s day 

  • 45 min walk
  • Breakfast Healthy smoothies
  • Snack apple with peanut butter
  • Lunch healthy mummy meal salmon salad
  • 30 min workout on the app
  • Snack healthy mummy muffin
  • Dinner home-made lasagne
  • Snack handful of celery

Rebecca’s advice for others wanting to lose weight

Mum loses 27kg and goes down 6 dress sizes!

“My advice for others trying to lose weight would be STOP comparing yourself to someone else and their goals and achievements.

Listen to your own body, this is your journey after all. Stay positive don’t give up.

Start small one small change at a time until you’re ready for another and before you know it you will reach your goals.

Be kind to yourself and make sure you’re true to yourself, you’re only human.”


“Don’t give up because it’s hard just keep going so what if you are bad today or didn’t do a workout like u planned you’re human and guess what, you can do it tomorrow!”

Rebecca’s tips for success

  1. Have a positive mind set
  2. Body love and acceptance, don’t be so hard on yourself
  3. Write a diary to keep track of everything you’ve achieved

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