Mum loses an INCREDIBLE 46kg by reducing sugar and caffeine

"I used to drink ONE LITRE of iced coffee A DAY!" Mum loses 46kg by cutting out caffeine. Read more about her incredible transformation story.
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Some studies have shown that having one or two cups of coffee a day has many health benefits, such as preventing liver disease and reducing the chance of developing diabetes, among other things.

But if you drink too much coffee – especially if it contains added sugar – it can contribute to weight gain and your chances of developing diabetes.

Hayley Campbell has lost 46kg altogether through The Healthy Mummy–  at her highest she was 140kg. Before, she would drink a litre of Dare Espresso every day. That’s nearly 87 grams of sugar and 160mg of caffeine!


‘I drank a litre of iced coffee a day’

Hayley had tried many different diets in the past. She even tried excluding certain food groups from her diet. But she always found she would have horrible life effects or actually gain weight.

“An active and healthy lifestyle seemed unreachable. I was so anxious all the time, I felt everyone looked at me in disgust when I entered a room,” she says.

“AND I couldn’t stop what I was eating. I was addicted to iced coffees and I easily drank a litre a day, and goodness knows how many sandwiches I ate. I ate portion sizes fit for a trucker.”

dare 1

Hayley says she admired the fit and healthy women she saw in magazines and real life, but just thought it was something she’d never be.

“I longed to be like them. My weight loss struggles continued when I found myself as a new mum,” she says.

“Being overweight meant the pain was crippling when I exercised. But it was a vicious cycle – I stopped exercising, and the weight gain increase.”

Hayley says she then came across The Healthy Mummy on a Facebook advertisement and thought to herself, ‘what do I have to lose?’

“I used The Healthy Mummy recipes at first, and in eight months I dropped 24kg with the help of a personal trainer,” she says.

“I fell pregnant with my daughter, but I walked throughout my pregnancy and tried to stay as fit and healthy as I could.”

hayley 2

Losing 22kg after her second birth

In 2015, Hayley joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and lost 22kg without the help of a personal trainer this time.

“I’ve been sitting at 108kg for a few months now, but have lost almost two dress sizes. I now eat 5-6 small well-rounded meals a day loaded with fresh greens and have found a love for nuts and seeds, which I used to despise,” she says.

“The Healthy Mummy recipes have made the transition from junk to healthy food, and I never feel like I’m missing out. I’ve cut out iced coffee too. Now I just drink water or The Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

“I actually can’t tolerate the foods I used to eat, and instead of sandwiches, I have salads and healthy alternatives.”

hayley 3

Hayley says she’s proud of everything she’s achieved so far  – and she should be, she looks AMAZING!

“I still have 20kg to go, but I’ll get there,” she says. “I feel less anxious and happier, there’s a spring in my step and a smile on my face because I’m the best I’ve ever been.”

Wow, what an incredible story. You look FANTASTIC, Hayley!


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