‘I love being able to wear what I want’ says Mum who’s lost 35 kilos FOR A SECOND TIME with The Healthy Mummy

Rose Enniss has lost 35 kilos in just under a year! It's her second journey with The Healthy Mummy, after her first baby she lost 40 kilos!
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Mum Rose from Tasmania knew exactly what she needed to do after her second baby. She was determined to take control, as she had before, and not only lose the baby weight, but feel energised, healthy and body confident.

In just a year, Rose has lost a whopping 35 kilos and is feeling amazing!

“Healthy Mummy is so flexible it’s easy to fit in around your routine and find what works for you.”

See how she did it below!

Rose Enniss is a 30 year old mum from Tassie with two little girls.

This is Rose’s second Healthy Mummy journey, having lost 40 kgs a couple of years after her first daughter was born.

Rose shares “I had my second bub around a year ago and found myself right back where I’d started. Unfit, overweight, tired, grumpy, fueling my body with the wrong foods, but mostly, hating my reflection.

I knew where this path led. I struggled so much after my first. I was determined not to go there again. So I started right back at the start.”

In just under a year, following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Rose has lost 35 kilos and is loving how she looks and feels.

She says, “From a size 18 to an 8/10. My energy is back, I’m not struggling with everyday tasks, I don’t want to sit on the side and watch everything go by anymore. I want to get involved. I want to smash my workouts, which still blows my mind, the old me hated exercise!! I love being able to wear whatever I want, and feel good.”

Along with using her Healthy Mummy App, Rose is a big fan of some of the Healthy Mummy products which she says have really helped her on her health and weight loss journey.

“The Healthy Mummy Smoothies are such a quick and easy option for when I’m time poor, or after a workout! And the metabolism tablets are amazing! For someone who is such a sweet tooth they really help curb those cravings!”

Rose admits to loving her food, and enjoys not having to miss out on her favourite meals and snacks.

I eat all day everyday. 3 main meals plus snacks and dessert! I miss out on nothing. I love food and I eat so much more variety now than I ever have!”

Rose’s Favourites

“I can’t go past the chicken pasta Caesar salad, the stovetop lasagne  (pictured) is always a crowd-pleaser and the avocado pineapple cheese melt is always on the menu!”

“And being a sweet tooth anything chocolate is always a winner. I always have the chocolate pretzel stacks (pictured) ready to go, so good!”

Favourite workouts

“I love how easy the workouts are, Pilates and Tabata are normally my go-to!

Healthy mummy is so flexible it’s easy to fit in around your routine and find what works for you”.

Rose’s Top Three Tips for success

  1. Eat smaller meals more often, don’t meal skip!
  2. Keep it simple, don’t complicate it, try making healthier versions of foods you already enjoy!
  3. And most importantly consistency is key!

“Don’t let a stumble wreck all your hard work. Start again. There are always going to be ups and downs. Just try for more ups, slow and steady will win the race.”

Great advice Rose and congratulations on your amazing results!

Join Rose on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

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