Mum finally overcomes negative body issues and smashes weight loss goals!

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If you have ever suffered from negative self-talk, where an inner voice sabotages your health and weight loss plans by convincing you to give up, you are certainly not alone!

Mum Hayley was no different. She had battled with body issues most of her life but finally fed up and determined to make a lifestyle change for the better, she signed up to the Healthy Mummy six months ago, has shed 19 kilos and has not looked back!

 “I do not recognize the women staring back at me in the mirror as she remained hidden for so long.”

Hear how this mum finally overcame that negative ‘inner voice’ and is smashing her weight loss goals!

Hayley’s Reason Why

Mum of one, Hayley admits that she has always suffered with her weight and issues with self-esteem.

She says, “ I have spent my life battling body issues, criticizing myself, constantly comparing with those around me personally and in society. Always wishing I was this or that, anything but actually loving who I was.

After trying countless other exercise and weight loss programmes, her inner saboteur always managed to win out, leaving her feeling defeated.

Six months ago, I decided enough was enough. At 35 I was heavier than I was at 9 months pregnant, bigger than I had been in my whole life

There was one other big factor in Hayley’s decision to make a change and that was her daughter who was turning three.

Now I have always assured myself of one thing. No matter what, my daughter will be raised to know you can achieve anything you set your mind to and in order for me to teach that I had to demonstrate it. I had to lead by example. This was clearly the kick I needed.  I joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and I haven’t looked back.”

Hayley’s Weight Loss Results – 19 KGs & 2 dress sizes

Within the months that followed, by using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and support from the Healthy Mummy Community, Hayley has lost 19 kgs, two dress sizes and is almost at her target weight.

She shares, “By following the 28 Day Weight Loss challenges and combining them with additional cardio whether that be walking, swimming or running I now feel stronger, healthier and happier.”

My family enjoys the same healthy food I do; we prep together, eat together and stay active together.

In short, I do not recognize the women staring back at me in the mirror as she remained hidden for so long.”

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App

Hayley has found with the Healthy Mummy by her side, the lifestyle changes she needed to make to lose weight and improve her health, were easy.

“The sheer number of recipes alone ensures we are truly never stuck and our meals remain fresh and not mundane. I just love the variety.

“The One Pot Spag Bol is a firm fave in this house and super easy!!

one pot spag bol

Healthy Mummy Smoothies

The Healthy Mummy Smoothie’s have ensured I now have breakfast every day and get it off to the best start. I didn’t eat breakfast ever before this and ended up snacking on biscuits before 10am.”

Hayley loves workouts in the app and that there is a fitness option for every ability, every mood, every circumstance. Along with her weight loss, Hayley is loving how she is developing tone and stamina.

Silencing The Inner Voice

Hayley wants to encourage other mums who sometimes fall victim to negative self-talk, to NOT GIVE UP!

She says, “We all have moments where it feels overwhelming, we start to doubt if this will work and if we are capable. Again that inner saboteur emerges.”

“But no matter what, I find the important thing to remember is:

a) why did you start this?

b) Little and often, celebrate the mini successes

c) listen to your body but push yourself.”

Healthy Mummy Community

Hayley believes that the Healthy Mummy Community plays a BIG role in providing the necessary support system for everyone on their own journey, by encouraging each other to stay on track.

It’s an outstanding group of women encouraging and pushing each other to succeed. We celebrate everyone’s victories and support when someone needs that rock. It’s a massive bonus to the programme.”

I love The Healthy Mummy, I am so grateful for starting and cannot imagine it not being part of my life”

The Healthy Mummy would like to thank Hayley for sharing her story and to say a big CONGRATULATIONS on your results!

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