‘I was drinking 300 calories A DAY’: Mum quits coffee in order to boost her energy levels

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So many of us tired mamas rely on coffee to get us through the day. When we’re sleep deprived and exhausted from looking after our little ones all day and night, it’s easy to reach for the kettle.

But this mum has decided to ditch her coffee fix in order to boost her energy levels. How does this work, you may ask?

Sam Stevenson believes after a caffeine fix, she has a caffeine low and it’s caused a never-ending cycle, which is why she’s quit coffee.


‘I was drinking 300 calories A DAY’: Mum quits coffee in order to boost her energy levels

“The process of filling up the kettle, getting my mug ready and sitting down to ‘relax’ is more what I look forward to than the coffee if I’m being completely honest,” says Sam.

“But in saying that, my brain feels that it NEEDS a caffeine fix, which is why I have around 3 coffees per day.”

Sam says she believes coffee is detrimental towards her weight loss goals.


“I add around 150 ml of full cream milk in to each mug, times that by three and I’m consuming an additional 300 calories per day just in my coffees PLUS I’m still having my snacks and meals,” she says. “That’s a crazy amount of extra calories!”

In fact, Sam has decided to swap her coffee for Super Greens. Specifically designed for busy mums, the Healthy Mummy Energy Boosting SUPER GREENS Powder vitamin supplement is here to help boost your energy and support your immune system.

The Super Greens contains more iron than 12 CUPS of spinach! The Vitamin C equivalent of 1.4 kilograms of oranges, 56 x more Vitamin B12 than a beef steak and the calcium equivalent to one litre of milk. Purchase yours here. 


“It doesn’t mean I’ll be having three serves of Super Greens each day, I’ll be having one around lunch time but this should be enough to keep me going,” says Sam. “I’ll also be having caffeine free green tea every time I feel like coffee.”

Sam says she felt cranky at first with a massive headache and loss of patience, but she’s persevering and feeling better than ever!

“My goal is to decrease unnecessary calories and to keep my energy levels up with the added Super Greens into my daily routine,” she says.

Keep up the good work, Sam!

Sam’s 25kg weight loss story


Sam has lost 25kg in total following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and has gone from a size 18 to a size 12. 

“The weight loss did for me so much more than just allow me to wear smaller clothes,” says Sam.

The Healthy Mummy WORKS. After nine months postpartum, I’m on my way back to my fit and fabulous self.

“If you are sitting back and not sure about whether it will work for you, I’m telling you right now IT ABSOLUTELY WILL!”


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Our Challenge entails:

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To find out more on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge click here.

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