Mum shares inspirational story: “I’m NOT an Instagram fitness model! I’m a mum…”

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Mum of four gets real about her body and all it has achieved, “I’m not an Instagram fitness model! I’m a mum. I’m a woman…” and you are too. Read on for this Healthy Mummy’s inspirational story and join Megan on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“I’m NOT an Instagram fitness model!”

Megan Carter, 40, from Ballarat Victoria is a mum of four beautiful children aged 17, 13, 2 & 1. Over the past 12 months living The Healthy Mummy lifestyle, Megan has banished 31 kilos and over 150cm from her waist measurements.

Megan says, “it’s not just what I have lost, it’s what I have gained that is the most amazing part of living a healthier lifestyle.”

Megan has gained:

  • An abundance of energy.
  • Excitement for life and the future.
  • A smile that reaches her eyes and comes from the heart.
  • Confidence, self-worth, self-love.
  • Acceptance of her perceived flaws for what they are; the story of a life lived and a woman who has survived everything life has thrown at her.
  • Strength and passion for fitness that has enabled her to return to being a fitness instructor.
  • Children who have a mum who gets involved, is active and setting an awesome example of how to respect your body and embrace it for the beauty it holds.
  • Knowledge in how to fuel herself and her family, to be at our best and feel incredible.

Megan adds, “But just like most mums out there, I still have my days when my motivation deserts me, especially being someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, but I don’t give up! Why? Because I refuse to!” 

Remember “why” you started

Megan says when she struggles to keep motivated on her journey she remembers why she wanted a healthier life. A life free from weight-related illness, a life she can be proud of…

“I want this because my children deserve the very best mum I can be. A mum who is active, a mum who shows them how to live well. A mum who isn’t watching from the sidelines crying. A mum who is happy within herself and radiates this happiness, and I want this so I keep going because I deserve it!”

“I deserve to be able to join in and live life, I deserve to be able to feel incredible and full of energy, I deserve to be able to look in the mirror and see the incredible queen I am looking back at me and be proud of her, just like every woman does and should.”

Megan’s tips for motivation

  1. Don’t give up on yourself in the process. It may take time but you will get there. With consistent effort, determination and focus anything is possible.
  2. Trust that you are capable – because you are! You’ve been through harder things than this.
  3. Take it one day at a time. There is no need to overwhelm yourself.
  4. Set out your goals and make them challenging but achievable. Without challenge, there will be no change but again overwhelming goals are self-sabotaging.
  5. Always remember to be kind to yourself. No one is perfect, we are all perfectly imperfect in our own beautiful, unique way.
  6. Always get back up if you fall. You can do it. Believe in you. Do today what you will be proud of tomorrow.
  7. Lean on the Healthy Mummy community. They are the most incredible, supportive, loving, inspirational group of women who I have been fortunate enough to have found. I would be lost at times without them and the amazing friendships I have formed that will last a lifetime. You are never alone, we are all in this together, to be each other’s cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on or a pick me up and motivation.

“I’m not an Instagram fitness model!”

Megan shared her inspirational thoughts with the Community and attracted so much positive attention, we just knew we had to share her amazing words with you too.

“I’m a mum”

“A mum of four beautiful, incredible children. A mum who does her absolute best for them and would do absolutely anything for them. A mum who loves with every single fibre of her heart.”

“I’m a woman!”

“A woman who at her heaviest, weighed over 125 kilos. Had a waist measurement of over 250cm x4 times. Given birth via c-section twice. Given birth vaginally twice.

“A woman who has worked her butt off (literally) to get her strength, health and fitness in check so she can live a long active life with her family and no longer watch them, crying, from the sidelines.

“We ARE all absolutely, imperfectly perfectly beautiful!”

“So after all I’ve been through, all I’ve achieved, all I have, why do I still sometimes look at myself in the mirror and tear myself to shreds?

“We have been told for most of our lives that to be beautiful we must look a certain way, weigh a certain weight, wear a certain size, but the truth is, we ARE all absolutely, imperfectly perfectly beautiful!

“No matter the weight, size or way we look. Our wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, loose skin it ALL tells of a life that is being lived.”

Megan shares from our child’s perspective, all they see is:

  • Eyes that look at them with tenderness but protectiveness
  • A mouth speaking encouragement and giving kisses
  • A chest to lay their head and listen to your beating heart which calms
  • A belly that grew, nurtured, protected and birthed them
  • Legs to run around and play with them, creating beautiful memories

“So next time you start picking yourself apart STOP, remember your children and loved ones see the complete beauty that you are, the magnificent, incredible queen that they adore. And you know what? It’s time you see that too!”

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