These mums have lost over 202kgs combined and feel so much more energised!

These inspiring mums have lost over 200 kgs between them by following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and have gained confidence.
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These mums are rocking their goals thanks to The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Chloe Gleeson has lost 40 kgs

chloe gleeson collage
Chloe says, “I’d be lost without The Healthy Mummy smoothies and 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.” 

“I love the smoothies because I don’t have time to eat and the dinners are so easy to prepare and my kids love them. My son loves the mint bubble crunch!”

Felicia Byfield has lost 28 kgs

felicia byfield collage

Felicia says, “From two years ago and over 100kg to this week and wearing size 10 and 76kg, 28kg gone in total and a whole lot of confidence gained. The Healthy Mummy was the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Kelly Taylor has lost 27 kgs

kelly taylor

Kelly says, “There are almost 20 months between these photos. I started The Healthy Mummy while pregnant with my second baby having The Healthy Mummy smoothies and using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges due to being high risk – I was in the obese category for BMI.”

“I was 87kg before I fell pregnant and I am now a healthy 60kg.”

“I lost most of my weight in about 10 months and I have been maintaining and building lean muscle for the last 10.”

“This year hasn’t been easy. I lost my dad in April to a short illness, have had unwell family members, been raising two very active boys, changed roles at work, and trying to be the best wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend I can.”

“I could have easily given in and there were days where I did but luckily the past two years have set me up with the right foods (thanks to The Healthy Mummy), consistent exercise and trying to take better care of myself. This isn’t a diet it’s a complete lifestyle change and now it’s just second nature to me.”

“I love the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meals, love to exercise and grateful I started my journey when I did (I do wish I started a bit earlier.”

Sally Stepniewski has lost 49 kgs

sally stepniewski 27_11_18

Sally says, “I can’t really put into words the incredible changes my mind and body have been through over the years.”

“From carrying and bringing twins into the world five years ago (and little miss two years ago) to living the rollercoaster of life to standing here today at the lightest I have been in my adult life. My body has been through some incredible changes from 118kgs the day my youngest was born to 69kgs today.”
“And now thanks to The Healthy Mummy, I’m no longer a ‘convenience’ food addict, I’m fuelling my body properly and looking after it.”

“Sure it has wobbly bits and cellulite, but it tells a beautiful story of how I became a mum and how I’m proud to be a mum to my three incredible kids. And for the first time in my life, I’ve found the confidence to embrace it and just be me!”

Suzanne Burnett has lost 17 kgs

suzanne burnett

Suzanne says, “Started The Healthy Mummy in April – 17 kilos GONE!”
“Countless cms GONE!”
“Getting dressed and out the door being unhappy with what I wear – GONE!”
“Getting dressed and like what I see – GAINED!”
“Happiness and confidence GAINED!”
“I have curves such as a waist GAINED!”
“New friends from The Healthy Mummy community GAINED!”
“Passion for exercise – Zumba and Parkrun GAINED!”
“Mentally happier – exercise is my release GAINED!”

“The Healthy Mummy has changed my life.”

“These photos are my birthday last year compared to my birthday this year. Yes, I did Parkrun on my birthday!”

Jaci Major has lost over 21 kgs

jaci major 27_11_18

Jaci says, “89kg to 67.7kgs”

“More than 50 cms throughout my body (I haven’t worked it out in a while).”

“I am so close to my goal weight of 65kgs!”

“I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been after having two kids which are now two and three and a half.”

“I can now say thanks to my healthy lifestyle change with The Healthy Mummy I am more confident, full of energy and feel comfortable in my clothes.”

“I can’t wait to see where my journey takes me now as I have come so far since starting my journey back in November 2016.”

“If you are sitting on the fence as I did for so long, take the leap and jump on board you won’t regret it.”

Naomi Brens has lost over 20 kgs

naomi brens 27_11_18

Naomi says, “Today I discovered I have dropped 20.3kgs.”

“I’ve been following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and having smoothies for lunch, walking three times a week.”

“I remember when I couldn’t even drop my daughter to her classroom without huffing and puffing and being in pain.”

“I began working out at the gym a month ago and can exercise and walk more than an hour now with ease. My confidence and self-esteem have increased and my mental health has been better than it has in many years.”

“Thank you so much The Healthy Mummy, you’ve given me my life back. Here’s to many more kgs lost in the near future.”

Well done, mums on rocking your goals!

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