Six mums share the amazing results of their weight loss journey!

We love sharing our mum's success stories and achievements! They have all lost many kilo's on their weight loss journey but they have also gained so much confidence along the way.
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We love sharing our mum’s success stories and achievements! They have all lost many kilo’s on their weight loss journey but they have also gained so much confidence along the way.

Six mums share the amazing results of their weight loss journey!

Sammy Wolff

Sammy says, “Gone from a size 20 pants to a size 14 and a size 16-18 top to a size 12-14!!!! I’m not at my goal yet but know that I will get there. The Healthy Mummy has helped me get to where I am now and will continue to help me!!!”

Sophie Roberts

Sophie says, “I’m a mum of two. This is the result seven months of The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. I have a smoothie every morning (Yum!!) And follow the delicious meal plans every day.  This year I have added in exercise and am starting to love hitting the gym and being active.  Slow, steady and sustainable weight loss. I’m loving seeing what I can achieve with the support of this amazing group!”

Kerry Keza

Kerry says “Its been nearly two years since I’ve jumped on board the The Healthy Mummy journey and I have never looked back!

Im nearly 37 years old.. single parent to two girls, I work and I study so it doesn’t leave an awful lot of time for me!
The Healthy Mummy has taught me the essential skills and tools to be able to focus on my health. After leaving a toxic relationship, I was left feeling depressed, low in confidence and self esteem. I was incredibly overweight and full of self hate… not a good combination!

I began on a months trial to see if The Healthy Mummy would suit me.. in the first week after following the program and changing what I was eating and drinking I lost 5kg!  I signed up for 12 months! And I haven’t looked back… yes, I have fallen off the wagon many times… but always managed to get back up! 19kg down… a heck of a lot of cm’s gone and my confidence is rising!

The Healthy Mummy community is the most supporting community I have ever come across. The women in this group are incredibly uplifting and are quick to support you and not bring you down… If you are still a fence sitter and still deciding, get on board and give it a go!”

Lauren De Silva

Lauren says “I could gain 20kg’s more than the left pic, but I’d still never be that woman again!

The left photo so perfectly describes my feelings at that point in my life.

The right pic so perfectly describes my life at present.

Don’t rely on a number to make you happy, there are so many other reasons in life to be happy, rather than just being happy due to a certain number on the scales.

The turning point in my life was joining The Healthy Mummy.

Leah Romiti

Leah says, “12.6kgs GONE!! 77.9kgs – 65.3kgs I’ve been COMMITTED and CONSISTENT ??

Pic one is two months postpartum. Pic two is today, seven months postpartum. I had my 3rd baby boy in July last year. Beginning late August, I started my Healthy Mummy journey for the second time.

I first found The Healthy Mummy when my now 4 year old was 5 months old. I then lost 15kgs within six months and maintained that until I fell pregnant with my third.

Since late August I’ve been exercising at least five times per week, walking 10,000 steps daily and eating and LOVING The Healthy Mummy food and smoothies.

The Healthy Mummy works because it’s a lifestyle, not a diet.”

Dani Stormont

Dani says “Looking at this pic I think Yep, I am like a fine wine lol….same dress, same person, 4.5 years between these photos. This wasn’t even at my heaviest!

But with the help of The Healthy Mummy I have lost 25 kg forever! I love The Healthy Mummy lifestyle! If it wasn’t for The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app and the smoothies I would still be sitting on the couch, obese (yes, i was told I was obese bordering morbidly obese for my height just before I joined Healthy Mummy), unhappy with myself and robbing myself from living the life I wanted.

The Healthy Mummy works! If you haven’t tried it…. do! Don’t rob yourself of the best opportunity to change your life around and your families.”

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