When will my stretch marks fade? 10 interesting facts you may not know

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Stretch marks are caused when the skin is forced to expand quickly.

While pregnancy is one of the main culprits, any form of weight gain can cause these marks. Some teenage girls may notice stretch marks on their breasts as they go through puberty and their breast tissue develops.

These type of marks are extremely common. In fact, around 70% of women reveal they have stretch marks on their stomach, 55% on their thighs and hips and 32% on their bottom.

When stretch marks first appear they can look reddish-purple but may later turn to a white silver colour.

When will my stretch marks fade? 10 interesting facts you may not know

10 interesting facts about stretch marks

1. Genetics play a role

If your mum or dad has them them, there’s a chance you may develop them regardless of your weight.

2. Weight loss helps minimise the appearance

Losing weight may not completely erase them but losing weight definitely helps minimise their appearance.

When will my stretch marks fade? 10 interesting facts you may not know

3. Water in take is important

Keeping the skin hydrated will also help minimise the appearance of stretch marks.

4. Hormones play an important role

Hormones create elastin fibres and collagen and these could be the cause behind why you are more likely to develop stretch marks.

5. A good diet helps

Eating a diet that is rich in vitamin E, A, omega 3 and antioxidants is important to help improve your skin’s elasticity.

6. Exercise is important

When will my stretch marks fade? 10 interesting facts you may not know

Regular exercise will help keep up your circulation and may even help prevent those tiger stripes from appearing.

7. Any body type can get them

No matter how big or small you are, certain types of people are more prone to marks.

8. Toning your muscles may help

If you tone the muscles where the stretch marks are that may help to reduce the appearance, as by toning up you are getting rid of the fat in those areas.

9. There are two types

There are two stages. Red or purple stretch marks are new and trying to heal themselves. These types of marks are easier to treat with oils, creams and lasers as they’ve not formed into a scar yet.

White stretch marks are scars that are much harder to treat.

10. Stretch marks aren’t harmful

When will my stretch marks fade? 10 interesting facts you may not know

If you don’t want to treat your stretch marks then you don’t have to. They are natural and harmless and will fade over time.

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