Single mum kicks goals and shifted her mindset in the 12 Week Challenge!

After starting her weight loss journey on her own, Tash was finding she struggled with a few parts of it she joined The Healthy Mummy 12 Week Challenge to help her succeed.
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After starting her weight loss journey on her own, Tash was finding she struggled with a few parts of it she joined The Healthy Mummy 12 Week Challenge to help her succeed.

Being a single mum to two young kids means she’s often looking for the energy to keep up with them. After losing 10 kgs thanks to our 12 Week Challenge, she’s found that energy and so much more.

Read how she did it below…

Single mum loses 10kg in 12 weeks and is feeling so much happier and healthier!

Tash Knight is a single mum from Melbourne with a 3-year-old son and a 20-month-old daughter who found The Healthy Mummy in 2019 but didn’t commit to joining until recently. She signed up for the 12 Week Challenge and has seen great success.

“I originally found The Healthy Mummy in 2019 but wasn’t ready to commit, then had my children. I fully committed at the beginning of this 12 Week Challenge and 10.6kgs and a total of 17cm overall.”

“I joined the 12 Week Challenge as I was in the middle of a weight loss journey and had lost nearly 30kgs before joining the Healthy Mummy but was struggling with eating enough food to fuel my body.”

She found she was focused on the wrong things or had the wrong ideas about how to lose weight, which is where The Healthy Mummy helped.

“My mind was filled with, to lose weight, you need to eat less, but I remembered The Healthy Mummy was different, and it changed e everything, I started eating better, got my energy back and still continued to lose the weight.”

Healthier and happier mummy for her two kids

All Tash wanted was to be healthier and happier for her kids…and she succeeded!

“My pledge was to be a happier, healthier mum for my kids, and I believe I have improved both of those.”

Beyond the weight loss success that comes with Healthy Mummy challenges, Tash has also seen a multitude of other health benefits.

“The benefits I’ve noticed these last 12 weeks are that I’m enjoying walking with my kids, I’m not tired or sore after a short walk anymore, I’ve increased my fitness, improved health and mental health and enjoyed running around with my kids again. My family are all eating much better homemade meals and treats that everyone enjoys.”

She loves to include The Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothies and Tummy Smoothies in her meal plan to support her health and weight loss.

“I currently use The Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothies and Tummy Smoothie chocolate. My favourite would be the premium double chocolate. I love how I can use it with water, milk or mix it up with different fruits it’s just an easy, yummy flavour it changes up.”

“I also use the Coffee Protein Powder and Collagen Hot Chocolate.”

12 weeks to a mindset shift and weight loss success

Tash loved the 12 Week Challenge and how it helped her so much she’s looking forward to the next 12 Week Challenge.

“I have loved these last 12 weeks, and it helped me change my whole mindset around food and gave me so many different options for workouts I would never have thought about. I look forward to joining in on the next 12 Week Challenge.”

She has some tips for other mums looking to get started on this journey.

“My tips would just be not to put too much pressure on yourself, don’t try to change everything at once, start slowly, make little changes and work from there. Every small thing counts, and if you have a bad day, it’s ok we all do just start fresh tomorrow.”

We can’t wait to see the success you have with any and all challenges you set for yourself in the future Tash!

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