This mum meal prepped for 2 days and made 2 months worth of meals!

One of the secrets to successful weight loss and to stay on track with your eating, is to meal prep, check out this mum's epic meal prep that will feed her family for two months!
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The Healthy Mummy believes that one of the secrets to successful weight loss and to stay on track with your eating, is to meal prep. It helps keep you motivated! Having all your meals planned out and your fridge deliciously stocked helps you to look forward to the week ahead with ease!

One of the lovely mums in our community, Lissy Lou gives a rundown of her week’s prepping.

lissy lou meal prep (2)

Mum’s epic meal prep will feed her family for two months

Lissy Lou ended up with 138 meals once the devilled sausages, sweet potato and sausage casserole and beef brisket were all finished, all for under $300!

“Meal prep almost done!!!! Still have to do the slow-cooked beef brisket and Craig is currently cooking the last of his beef sausage dinners. I started last night. Started again this morning at 9am and finished at 5pm.

120 meals!!!!! Almost three freezers full (will be once we’ve finished the brisket and sausages).”

Two months worth of dinner in two days

Lissy Lou says, “I hate meal prepping coz I hate cooking! But the sense of achievement once it’s done is awesome, especially because dinner time is insane at my house with the girls and can be super stressful… which would often lead to take away…”

How meal prepping can change your way of life

“Since starting meal prepping in March, it has been a life saver and game changer! Craig now eats healthy lunches at work we are always eating healthy dinners. Chelsea eats lots of veggies without even noticing. This shop costs around $300 and now I don’t have to shop for dinners for another two months! Saving heaps of money!”

lissy lou cooking

Well done Lissy! We hope your family enjoys their meals as they all look so amazing!

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