TIPS from the mums who smashed the 12 Week Challenge

We all have bad days, months and even years – but at  The Healthy Mummy we are all about today and what you do going FORWARD, even if you fall off the wagon.

It’s not easy sticking to your goals sometimes. That’s why we asked some of amazing mums, who have all taken part in The Healthy Mummy’s 12 Week Challenge their top tips on how to stay on track and smash their goals.

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Top tips from these mums who hit their goals on the 12 Week Challenge

Kirsty Whitehead, 39, mum-of-five from SA

TIPS from the mums who smashed the 12 Week Challenge

Weight loss in last 12 Week Challenge: 18.5kilo, 72cm

Top tips:

  1.  Make small changes rather than trying to take every on all at once.
  2. Use the Healthy Mummy App.  All of it. The wellbeing part especially as it helps so much with nor self-sabotaging.
  3. Really commit to yourself.

Cassandra Perrin, 41, mum-of-six from NSW

TIPS from the mums who smashed the 12 Week Challenge

Weight loss in last 12 Week Challenge: 30kg, 80cm

Top tips:

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Sleep is important try to get enough.
  3. Schedule time for you.. write it in your diary and keep that appointment. Don’t feel guilty. Even if it’s just 10 minutes somewhere in the day.

Bernie Fanning, 29, mum-of-one from NSW

TIPS from the mums who smashed the 12 Week Challenge

Weight loss in last 12 Week Challenge: 2.8kg, 34 cm

Top tips:

  1. Use a motivational board.
  2. I also have a white board with daily goals on it that I tick off each day. This includes drinking two litres of water, working out, eat my daily recommended calories, self care, and having a healthy mummy meal, smoothie or protein shake.
  3. If you feel like giving up think about your WHY, then when you have your why write it down so you can visualise it every day. For example my WHY is to feel happy, fit and strong, to be a good role model for my daughter and be able to have energy to play with her.

Jasmine Ready, 30, mum-of-two from Queensland

TIPS from the mums who smashed the 12 Week Challenge

Weight loss in last 12 Week Challenge: 10.3kg, 37.5cm

Top tips:

  1. Meal plan
  2. Make quick easy snacks like yoghurt, hot chocolate, fresh fruit
  3. Hide veggies in your meals for the kids. Our favourite ones are Beef and Mushroom macaroni, feta pumpkin beetroot and chorizo salad, stir fry’s with lots of veggies.

Crystal-Joy McGuire, 35, mum-of-one from Grafton

TIPS from the mums who smashed the 12 Week Challenge

Weight loss in last 12 Week Challenge: 11.1 kilos

Top tips:

  1. PLAN: make sure you have a plan for the challenge… especially do your meal plans, make a plan and stick to the plan.
  2. PREPARE: each week prepare you plan for the following week… meal prep snacks and some meals that you can freeze for your meal plan.
  3. Have a goal: set reasonable goals scale & non scale goals and don’t be afraid to have a little reward for meeting your goals.

Joann Johns, 52, mum-of-three from NSW

TIPS from the mums who smashed the 12 Week Challenge

Weight loss in last 12 Week Challenge: 8.8kg
  1. Don’t weigh yourself anymore than once a week, and make sure you take measurements. The measurements are where you will see the difference.
  2. Try to get as much support as you can. Family, close friends or the amazing ladies doing the 12 Week Challenge with you. They will help keep you on track and will be there to support you if and when you need it. I was lucky and had my daughter doing the Challenge with me and it really made a difference. Even hubby joined in! It’s a healthy lifestyle the whole family can enjoy.
  3. Don’t forget your pledge! Place it somewhere where you can see it at all times, and keep reading and reminding yourself of your goals.

Jemma Probert, 29, mum-of-one from Rolleston

Weight loss in last 12 Week Challenge: 5.2kg

Top tips:

  1. Don’t use the word diet it’s a lifestyle not a DIET
  2. Love yourself unconditionally because you have already taken that first step in being part of the Challenge.
  3. Keep up the communication by posting on the Facebook page and communicating with other mums trying to do the same thing as me. The encouragement will go a long way.

Mish Mason, 38, mum-of-three from Brisbane

Weight loss in last 12 Week Challenge: 8kg, 86.6 cm

Top tips:

  1. Find an exercise you will enjoy and a play list that motivates you.
  2. Don’t skip meals use the app to its full advantage.
  3. Drink that water.

Candy Warburton, 40 mum-of-four from Victoria

Weight loss in last 12 Week Challenge: 9.8kg, 53.5 cm

Top tips:

  1. Plan and prep meals ahead of time if you can this helps having things in the freezer for those busy can’t be bothered kind of days.
  2. Measure weigh take photos each week on the same day around the same time this will show you sometimes what the scales do not.
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you don’t know what you’re doing or you need advice we are all in the same boat and all happy to help.

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