This unexpected workout is the best way to lose weight FOR LIFE, study finds!

Researchers have found an incredible trick to keeping slim and no longer slipping back into bad habits - for life!
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Are you a yo-yo dieter? What if we told you that you could lose weight FOR LIFE! Yep, that’s right!

Researchers have found an incredible trick to keeping slim and no longer slipping back into bad habits.

However, leading a healthier lifestyle is more than just losing weight, it’s also important to nourish your body and make good choices, like following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

How this workout can help you lose weight for life, study reveals

Scientists at Brown University, Rhode Island, investigated whether yoga was the trick to longterm weight maintenance.

60 women who were overweight were able to lose at least 5% of their body weight by losing diet and exercise.

One group took part in a cooking class and the other in a 12-week yoga course.

“We know from previous research that frequent dietary lapses can lead to weight regain,” says lead study author Jessica Unicke.

“Those who are successful at keeping weight off long-term have an improved ability to manage thoughts, emotions, and behaviours which can reduce the frequency of dietary lapses.”

The results found that yoga helps improve stress

And the results were astonishing! Those who were in the yoga group lost 3.5% more of their body weight compared to those in the cooking class!

This may be because yoga teaches mindfulness and this helps improve stress, which could be impacting weight loss.

“While our findings are preliminary, our data suggest that after a period of successful weight loss, practicing yoga twice per week may help improve mood and enhance skills which are important for regulating emotions and reducing lapses,” says Unicke.

“Yoga practice over 12 weeks also led to continued weight loss during this time and we suspect that it is likely because of these above-mentioned improvements in emotion regulation skills.

“Unfortunately, many individuals who lose weight go on to regain the weight they previously lost. 

“For example, hormonal and neural changes occur in our bodies as a result of weight loss. This can lead to an increase in appetite… make food more rewarding (i.e., greater preference for highly palatable foods).

“Behaviourally, long-term weight loss success often requires individuals to remain diligent to important weight-related behaviours.”

It seems yoga has psychological benefits which can help aid weight loss

There are various types of yoga, some are more focused on mediation and breathing work, while other types are more focused on toning.

Amazingly, this study found that it didn’t matter which type you participated in, as long as you stuck at it.

“As you may imagine, staying motivated to stick with these behaviours long-term can be challenging, especially when weight loss begins to slow,” adds Unicke.

“This is why we are interested in the psychological benefits of yoga, as we believe that this may help individuals overcome some of the behavioural challenges necessary for successful long-term weight loss.”

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