How yoga REALLY helps your mind, body, soul and central nervous system!

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Aside from stretching and toning your body there are a HEAP of other benefits from getting into a downward facing dog position!

In fact, new research finds that those who do yoga and meditation on a regular basis have a better overall sense of wellbeing and are more resilient when it comes to dealing with stress.


The study

Experts from the University of Southern California worked with participants for three months at a yoga and meditation retreat. These participants engaged in daily yoga and meditation practice and followed a vegetarian diet.

After their time at the retreat, volunteers underwent various medical and psychological assessments.

Researchers found that yoga and meditation has an extremely positive effect on the central nervous system and immune system as well as improving an individual’s overall sense of wellbeing.


Experts also found that these participants had decreased anxiety and depression levels.

What’s more, participants had an increase in brain-derived neurotrophic factor also known as BDNF – a physiological process that plays a vital role in learning, memory and the regulation of processes such as inflammation, immunity, mood regulation, stress response and metabolism.

“To our knowledge, our study is the first to examine a broad range of inflammatory markers in a healthy population before and after a yoga-meditation intervention,” explains study author Dr. Baruch Rael Cahn.

“Our findings justify further studies of yoga and meditation retreats assessing for the replicability, specificity and long-term implications of these findings.”

How interesting is that!

Check out this AWESOME Healthy Mummy yoga video to help tone your butt and thighs:

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We recommend you begin your Healthy Mummy guided MIND.BODY.BREATH practice by doing it twice a week.

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