10 simple ways to banish and beat cellulite for good

The good news is, cellulite doesn’t have to be forever! Here are 10 easy ways to get rid of it, help it stay away and bring back your beautiful, smooth, flawless skin…
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Dreaded cellulite.

You’ve lost the weight and you’re feeling fitter and more fantastic in yourself, but there’s one annoying thing you want to banish for good – the appearance of your orange peel skin.

The good news is, cellulite doesn’t have to be forever! Here are 10 easy ways to get rid of it, help it stay away and bring back your beautiful, smooth, flawless skin…

10 ways to beat cellulite

1. Drink lots of water

10 EASY ways to banish cellulite

There are a HEAP of benefits from drinking water, such as it speeds up your metabolism, helping you feel fuller for longer and keeping you hydrated. If your skin is hydrated then it appears smoother.

Water can also help encourage circulation and lymphatic flow. Read Why drinking water with lemon can help with weight loss.

2. Eat a healthy diet

Roasted Beetroot and Chicken Super Salad

Make sure you eat a healthy diet, one that doesn’t contain high salt intake. Salt causes your fat cells to swell, and this can worsen the appearance of cellulite. Make sure you load up on healthy fruits and veggies.

Why not try making this yummy Roasted Beetroot and Chicken Super Salad from our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge? There are tons of other healthy recipes on the app.

3. Use a body brush

So effective! 6 EASY ways to banish cellulite for good!

Body brushes are a great way of improving the circulation of your body and breaking down cellulite to help give it a smoother appearance.

The easiest way to remember to brush your body is to do it in the shower or before you get dressed each morning.

4. Increase collagen intake

Lemon and Strawberry Collagen Sparkler

Besides keeping your skin healthy and glowing, collagen improves skin elasticity, skin moisture, water loss (dryness), firmness and skin roughness. Improving your skin’s elasticity through collagen helps reduce that dimpling on your skin known as cellulite.

At The Healthy Mummy, we love the benefits of collagen so much that we have created Beauty Collagen Powder in natural berry flavour.

Read Understanding Collagen: What is it and how can it help me?

5. Exercise often

10 EASY ways to banish cellulite

Not only does regular exercise burn calories and reduces fat, but it also boosts circulation and can help disguise cellulite by increasing muscle tone under the skin.

Exercise helps tighten the skin and also reduce excess weight that can also contribute to orange peel skin.

Exercise improves lymphatic drainage, which carries toxins away from cells.  If drainage is sluggish it will contribute to cellulite and we definitely don’t want that!.

Exercises that focus on the thighs and glutes such as squats are great at targeting cellulite. Go low and slow for the best results.

6. Use our SKIN: Body Sculpting Lotion

SKIN: The new INCREDIBLE Body Sculpting Lotion!

It’s clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite, with 82% of women who use the lotion admitting to seeing a reduction in their cellulite after using it for 28 days.

What’s more, 29% of women noted an improved firmness in their neck and abdomen and felt visibly slimmer after using the lotion.

Grab some SKIN Body Sculpting Lotion today.

7. Do a regular body scrub

DIY Coffee Scrub

A regular body scrub can improve circulation and reduce signs of cellulite. And did you know that you can make an effective body scrub using just what you have in the cupboard?

Check out some DIY body scrub suggestions here and read about the benefits of a coffee scrub.

With any scrub, moisten your skin under the shower, turn the water off, rub coffee granules into the affected areas for a few minutes, then rinse off.

8. Drink green tea

5 healthy drinks that will help you lose weight

Green tea contains a powerful antioxidant that also helps with weight loss. This, in turn, can also help with the appearance of cellulite. 

It has been found to be effective for increasing energy expenditure and assisting with weight loss. And is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent free radical damage.

Read – How green tea can help aid in weight loss

9. Limit or cut out toxins like tobacco, alcohol, coffee and highly processed foods

 Natural products rich in vitamin B6 and protein. Healthy diet concept for weight loss.

Many of us can’t imagine getting through our day without coffee and wine but unfortunately, a build-up of toxins in the body can affect the dermis and contribute to cellulite formation.

Try to remove or at least limit your consumption of tobacco, alcohol, coffee and heavily processed foods containing high levels of sugar and chemical additives to help improve the clarity of your skin. These things will also make you feel dehydrated and make your skin seem dry and shrivelled.

Check out these 5 energy boosting drinks to help you forget about coffee.

10. Get enough sleep

Tips for staying motivated

Sleep is important to help revitalise our bodies. The more sleep you get, the less likely you are going to need coffee or make bad food choices.

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