10 signs you are wasting your time in the gym

Just because you’re in workout clothes at the gym doesn’t mean the weight will now fall off you – you could be wasting your time there.
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Just because you’re in workout clothes at the gym doesn’t mean the weight will now fall off you – you actually could be wasting your time there.

In fact, it’s not about how often you go to the gym it’s how you spend your time wisely.

You’d be surprised at how of us can waste time by socialising, checking social media or not pushing ourselves to the max during our workouts.

Here are 10 signs you are wasting your time in the gym…

1. Being on your phone too much

While it’s nice to listen to your favourite type of music while working out, you should avoid the temptation to check social media or message people while on the treadmill.

Not only does this take your focus off what you are doing but it may also be slowing you down.

2. Not having a plan

10 signs you are wasting your time in the gym

Exercise should be enjoyable but it’s always good to have a plan or a goal. Maybe you want to work your way up to lifting more weights or not feeling as out of breath on the cross trainer.

The important thing to remember is to push yourself more each time you go to a class or do a workout.

3. Looking at time not calories burned

If a machine tells you how many calories you’ve burned, then go by that number rather than how long you’ve been on it.

Depending on how you are feeling on that day, you may not be pushing yourself as hard. Calories burned gives a better indication of how hard you have worked.

4. Warming up or cooling down for too long

10 signs you are wasting your time in the gym

It’s extremely important to warm up before an exercise, as it helps loosen and stretch your muscles.

But we often spend too much time in warm-up and cool-down mode and not enough time doing high-intensity workouts.

5. Taking too many breaks

10 signs you are wasting your time in the gym

While it’s important to rest in between workouts, if you find you are taking too many breaks, it may be detrimental.

Try pushing yourself a bit harder or doing more reps than you did the last time you were in the gym. You may surprise yourself!

6. Focusing solely on cardio

10 signs you are wasting your time in the gym

Moderate or vigorous physical activity like cardio is important to help you lose weight and stay fit, but it’s probably not enough for weight loss on its own.

Doing a combination of both cardio and weight training is the best way to increase your health and get stronger.

7. Not mixing it up enough

Are you guilty of heading to the gym and sticking to the cross trainer or bike machine? There are heaps of equipment you can use at the gym and it’s important you exercise all muscles and not just some.

8. Not going regularly enough

Just because you signed up for gym membership, it doesn’t mean the weight will just fall off you – you have to actually go!

Research says that at the very least, you should be training a minimum of two days per week in order to maximise muscle growth. Plus, it works out as value for your money if you do go regularly.

9. Not knowing how to use the equipment

Signing up to the gym can be overwhelming, if you’ve never used any of the equipment before. If you are unsure how to use something, ask the gym staff to help you.

Make sure the equipment is adjusted to suit your body. Often, gym equipment will often have a diagram indicating how to use the machine and which muscles you’ll be targeting.

10. Spending too much time in the locker room

If you’re spending a lot of time waiting around for equipment to become available, then you may need to rethink your workout time of the day.

Alternatively, find something else to do if your machine is occupied, don’t just waste time – and that includes in the locker room!

Come to the gym ready to work out and try showering at home after a workout. This way, the time spent at the gym will be mostly on exercising and not washing your hair.

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