12 things only women with big boobs will understand

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Let’s talk big boobs! If you don’t have them, you want them. If you do have them, you wish you didn’t. It seems we can never win!

Like most things body related, the grass always seems to be bigger greener on the other side. So from one big breasted girl to another…I’m here to tell you that big boobs aren’t always what they are cracked up to be!

big boobs (ice-cream scoops)

1. Lacy bras

If I pranced around in a lacy bralette like Taylor Swift, you can bet your bottom dollar that I wouldn’t look as classy.

2. Stomach sleeping

Hasn’t happened since I hit puberty!

When it comes to tanning your back at the beach, you’ll need to dig out two holes to accommodate the mounds of breasts you’ve got on your front.

3. Everything becomes provocative

Woman with big boobs measuring her bust

Large breasts turn everything in to a provocative performance.

Including, but definitely not limited to, correct posture, running for the bus, picking something up, belly laughs…in fact, any movement will get these babies jiggling and making their presence known.

4. Eye contact

Get used to not getting it! Or get a t-shirt that tells those that can read your chest to look up.

5. Bikini problems

The idea of two tiny pieces of fabric shaped into two triangles with spaghetti straps that tie around my neck, makes me break out in a sweat!

6. Working out

Trying to strap the fuller breasts down with a proper supportive work-out bra is like walking into a torture chamber. Once you’ve got them in, they aren’t moving and look like a sort-of mono-boob. Don’t get me started on trying to get the bra off again! If you’re looking for a workout bra, then these might help.

7. Pregnancy boobs

big boobs
holy pregnancy boobs!

The thought is terrifying!

Starting at a DD… who knows where these boobs will end up (a full size E if you were wondering!). Read here about all the changes your boobs will go through during pregnancy and with breastfeeding.

8. Bra shopping

The last time I went bra shopping, I didn’t leave the change room for an hour and a half. I managed to try on over 40 bras. I was hot, flustered and extremely frustrated (as was my bra “technician”).

I walked out with one bra that fitted! And it was the ugliest piece of material I’ve ever seen. No pretty bras here! It’s really hard to find sexy bra’s for the fuller cup size.

9. Loose fitted clothing

If you have a larger bosom like me, you’ll wish you could throw on a loose fitting dress and head out looking stylish. Instead, we resemble a tent. Or a full term pregnant lady.

10. Cup size comparison

Take your bra off in the room with another person and you are bound to receive comments.

“Your bra is as big as my head” Or “My entire bra fits in one of your cups”.

Goodness, I wish I could say it never gets old.

11. Stares

Walking down the street you can’t help but notice how many heads turn to stare. Take them to the beach and you’ve got men breaking necks as they whip back to get a second look.

12. Breastfeeding

Forget the simple breastfeeding hold, you can barely hold your baby in a cradle with all that boob in the way.  You’ve got to whip out your entire breast and hold baby in the football grip to be able to get them to latch on.

Public breastfeeding becomes more tricky for the large breasted mums too.

But… we ladies in the big boobs camp sure can fill a dress!

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