Incredible results from our mums on the 12 Week challenge!

We have a range of challenges to help support and guide mums on this journey, we share some of the amazing results mums got on our recent 12 Week Challenge round to help inspire others.
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Here at The Healthy Mummy, we’re committed to helping as many mums as possible reach their weight loss and health goals. This is why we have a range of challenges to help support and guide mums on this journey.

Mums love the options and we love supporting them, we wanted to share some of the amazing results mums got on our recent 12 Week Challenge round to help inspire others.

Check out the results below…

Mums are kicking health and weight loss goals with our 12 Week Challenge

Marni Cochrane lost 6.7 kilos and 23 centimetres

Marnie says, “In the photo on the right- the underwear just falls off me so I’ve had to purchase smaller sizes. Plus, I can see collarbones!”

Carmen ChongNee lost 6 kilos and gained 2 kilos of muscle

Carmen says, “I gained – a healthier more balanced relationship with food again, more energy, better sleep, smashing strength and fitness goals and challenging myself to new heights! Cant wait to see where the next 12 weeks takes me!”

Kerri Leeder got under 100 kilos!

Kerrie says, “This has been a slow but steady loss for me. Starting weight in Jan 24 was 108kgs, today 99.6kgs. I haven’t been under 100kgs in years! It might’ve taken six months to shift but with consistency anything is possible. I have three kids and my youngest just turned one. Let’s continue the journey and wanted to share with someone that small steps get you results! Can you see it?? I hope so, I can feel it.”

Angie Baker lost 6.2 kilos

Jade Shaw lost 10.7 kilos

Teresa Lawson lost 4.5 kilos and 21 centimetres

Teresa says, “My not scale victory’s are much more important to me! I no longer waddle when I walk due to hip pain, I am going to sleep easier and sleeping better. I crave healthy foods and exercise, even my skin is clearer (thanks Moshy). I no longer feel constantly hormonal or “crazy” to finally feel balanced and like ME is the best NSV of all.

Looking forward to a week of reset and re-evaluation then into the next 12 weeks.”

Elle Bullock lost 5 kilos and 16 centimetres

Elle says, “This 12 week challenge has been about the finishing touches, in this 12 weeks I lost 5.5kg to get to my 20kg weight loss goal since starting in Jan this year. 16cm – mostly off my waist, hips and bust and my BMI from overweight to a healthy 24!

I’ve already achieved more than I thought I could. Can’t wait to see what’s next!”

Becs Cheesman 4.5 kilos in 8 weeks

Becs says, “8 weeks of The Healthy Mummy!! I am loving it, lost 4.5kg so far plus having so much more energy and enjoying lots of different foods! Can’t wait to continue on this journey and encourage others too.”

Levene Hamm lost 7 kilos

Levene says, “I have lost a total of 23 kilos since last year but this last challenge I lost around 7 kilos and lots of cms, plus my whole wedding set fits again am so proud!”

Sara Hurley has lost 4.5 kilos and 17 centimetres

Sara says, “My first 12 week challenge that I have actually completed! The scales and I haven’t been great friends but I made progress so I’m happy.

I have lost 4.5 kilos, 7cm from my waist, 4 cm from my bust and 6 cm from my hips. I have completely changed my mindset and have made some healthy lifestyle changes that I’ll continue moving forward. I always knew this wouldn’t be fast for me, but I’m ok with slowly as long as there’s progress. I said at the beginning of the challenge that I had a choice to make – do nothing and continue to gain weight until it crept back up to the 100’s or take control and get healthy. I’m proud of my choice.

Ok so I didn’t take many before pics, but each year I buy “matchy matchy” pyjamas for my daughter and I. This year I deleted almost all the pics my husband took, I kept this one as my daughter covered most of my belly. I couldn’t do up the last button and I was so embarrassed. Now they are loose.”

Amy Harper lost 2 kilos and 20 centimetres

Amy says, “I’m sharing my measurements which are phenomenal and such a surprise over the 12 weeks! 20cm loss overall with a 2kg loss.

The scales are not big numbers as such I’m so pleased with my progress and my mindset as turned around as I have so much more dedication to my health and wellness after this challenge. I’m back on my lifestyle and it amazing!!

Molly Elliott lost 5 kilos and 24 centimetres

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