9 FUN Things You Can Do With Bananas (That’s Not Banana Bread)

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A healthy snack, full of energy and potassium, the banana is a very versatile fruit. Sure, there’s banana bread and banana pancakes but we wanted to find other uses for them.

bananan art

We’ve Found 9 Other Uses For Bananas

1. Rub Skin On Teeth To Whiten

After you eat your healthy nutritious banana, keep the skin and rub the inside of the peel on your teeth. It helps whiten and brighten your smile. Especially good for coffee drinkers.

2. Draw On Them For A Fun School Snack

To your children, the lunch you pack boring. What their friends have is waaaaay better. So, make it fun! Draw on the banana to make funny faces, a minion or just a really cool design. Their friends will be the ones envious of your kids lunch.

lunch box banana art

3. Healthy Ice Cream

Healthy and ice cream don’t sound like they should go together, but they do!! Pop a banana in the freezer for half an hour then pop it in a blender with some almond butter and your favourite Healthy Mummy smoothie powder (vanilla works best). Whip it up and place back in freezer for 2-3 hours. Guilt free ice cream for one? Yes please.

4. Banana + Honey Face Mask

Mash up 1 banana and a teaspoon of honey for a cost effective and natural face mask. If you have a few more minutes and ingredients around the house, pop in some soaked oats, avocado and tumeric. All great ingredients for healing and smoothing skin.

5. Make Your Instagram Pop
banana art instagram

You know what makes for a good Insta selfie? Random objects strategically placed around the background. AND, you can hashtag it and get a stack of new followers. #win

6. Play Phone With Kids

Who hasn’t used a banana as a play phone? My kids love when I pass them the banana phone saying “it’s for you”. Then they eat it and you feel great they’re eating something healthy instead of a macaroni they stuck up their nose.

7. Keep Chicken Moist

Once again, after eating the banana, keep the peel. When you cook chicken in the oven, place the peel downwards on top of the chicken to keep it moist and juicy while cooking in the oven. Try it with this yummy baked parmesan chicken.

keep chicken moist using banana skin

8. Use It As Toast

My all time favourite snack. Slice a banana in half, length-ways, and use it instead of toast. You can get creative and put peanut butter on top, almond butter, sultanas; the banana is your oyster, but don’t add oyster. Or add It to your toast!!

banana on toast

9. Popsicle

You’ll need a blender for this one but it’s a treat the kids will LOVE. Place 1-2 bananas in a blender, with 150g of greek yoghurt and a tablespoon of honey. This is a perfect healthy treat for summer. SO enjoy all our banana recipes!

Of course we can’t leave out how awesome and delicious bananas taste in our healthy mummy smoothies.  If you’re wanting to lose baby weight, they are PERFECT.

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