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Chicken Sausage Rolls

Sweet Chilli and Soy Chicken Sausage Rolls

If you want a simple recipe that the kids will love, try these sausage rolls. There is something about pastry parcels that kids find hard to resist – even with the hidden veg! A big thank you to 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Cassie for sending this recipe in […]

How to stay on track and smash Week 4 in 3 simple steps

How to stay on track and smash Week 4 in 3 simple steps

Week 4 means you’re NEARLY there, and you’ve smashed through the hardest part so DON’T stop now. Take Kylie Spry, who has lost 30kg* following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and she’s feeling amazing! Persistence and consistency are key here in Week 4 so keep on keeping on and go into your Week […]

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Jade Muller 17-11

This mum has lost 21kg since her 21st birthday!

Looking back at old photos is a great reminder of how far we’ve come. Just check out this pic of Jade on her 21st birthday! Since then, this mama has lost 21kg and her health has improved massively! 21kg gone since her 21st birthday! Jade recently found this photo from […]

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