How Ashana and Matt broke those ‘bad couple-eating habits’ and lost 47kg

This couple has lost 47kg between them following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
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Hands up if you have picked up some bad eating habits in your relationship – like snacking while watching TV at night or dishing out bigger portions.

Don’t worry, we have all been there! It happens when you’re comfortable together. You end up looking forward to watching a true crime documentary while sharing a block of chocolate after the kids have gone to bed.

However, Ashana Spinelli and her husband Matthew Spinelli decided it was time to nip these bad habits in the bud. (P.s. We’re talking about the block of chocolate, we’re not saying you have to stop your Netflix and chill time!)

Amazingly, they lost 47kg between them following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Here’s how they did it…

How Ashana and Matt broke those ‘bad couple eating habits’ and lost 47kg

Breaking the bad habits as a couple

This dynamic duo realised they were feeling sluggish and decided to make a change, stat.

How Ashana and Matt broke those ‘bad couple eating habits’ and lost 47kg

“I think that when you are in a marriage or relationship that you tend to fall into the same habits as them,” says 39-year-old Ashana.

“For us, it was weight gain and terrible food choices that we shared. But when I told my husband I couldn’t go on, he agreed that we needed to make a change.

“I told my hubby I was serious about this and needed his support, which I am so grateful he was able to give me.”

But rather than clear out their pantry and make unrealistic goals, they started small and just made food swaps from The Healthy Mummy app.

“Swap white rice for brown, chocolate for dark chocolate,” she says,

“Eating healthily doesn’t have to be restrictive and bland. From an exercise point, do what you can but just get moving. It doesn’t need to be strenuous.

“Take the stairs, park the car further away at the shops, don’t stand still on the escalator. Get moving.”

Matthew didn’t exercise until a couple of months ago and Ashana didn’t pressure him, she says she inspired him.

“He wanted to join in because it looked fun and he could see the results I was getting. Not just him, the whole family as well.”

How Matthew jumped on the healthy bandwagon

Matthew says drinking alcohol and snacking badly became part of the norm for him.

“I was sluggish and lacked motivation to go anywhere. I slept in each morning, always hitting that snooze button,” he admits.

“When my wife Ashana came to me and said she needed to make healthier changes I agreed that we would do it together.

“Since she joined The Healthy Mummy, we mainly ate stir fry for dinners as it’s quick and easy and we took the time to measure out portion sizes. I was pretty shocked to find that I was eating double portions at dinner, and even snacks were more like meals!”

In just 5 months Matt lost 25kg through The Healthy Mummy

How Ashana and Matt broke those ‘bad couple eating habits’ and lost 47kg

Incredibly, it took Matt five months to lose 25kg!

“I have put on a couple of kilos but maintained 22kg weight loss for 15 months,” he says.

“I decided to start exercising too and would get out of bed earlier to go for a morning run. I really love running now and it is my main form of exercise, but we do have a big collection of weights, kettle bells etc now that I use from time to time.

“My favourite meals from The Healthy Mummy app are the Pumpkin Feta and Chorizo Salad. Stovetop Lasagne and the Healthy Layered Meatloaf. The Mushroom and Dumpling Soup are awesome as well.”

The best thing for Matt, is the amount of energy he has.

“I just wake up naturally now, nice and early, no more snooze buttons. We still have a drink from time to time but gave up wine for gin and soda and limit our intake,” he says.

“I feel confident on the beach with my family and I can keep up with the kids and their never-ending energy.”

This couple’s tips for forming good habits

  • If you are tired, then rest and get back into it. Don’t over-do it as you’re more likely to make bad choices
  • Prep your meals together for the week
  • Make exercise fun and involve the whole family
  • Treat yourself in a different way. Child-free time can be going for a run rather than dinner or drinks
  • Don’t put pressure on the other person to exercise or eat healthily, they may want to do the same when they see you doing it
  • Be open and honest with each other about the changes you want to make

Talk about #couplegoals

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