Do our bodies change in summer compared to winter?

Our bodies are so complex yet simple. They change with the seasons and we need to adapt to help adjust. Here is how they change and what you can do!
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The human body can adapt to most things life gives it. Let’s face it, women can carry a baby inside them for nine months!

When it comes to our bodies changing through the seasons, being aware of the changes means we can adapt our meals, workouts and routines in order to get the most out of the season.

Healthy Mummy nutritionist, Cheree explains how our bodies change in summer compared to winter…

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Body changes according to the seasons

Cheree says that our bodies change in amazing ways throughout the year with the seasons and this is because our body responds to the weather.

“About 5000 genes in our blood change from winter to summer, in response to longer days and seasonal changes,” she says.

“Winter genes promote more immune responses, while summer genes retain more water and burn more fat (not bad news at all!).”

Hormones also change throughout the seasons

There’s a reason out hormones change in the colder months.

“Evolutionary speaking, it was to help with fertility, as women have more testosterone in autumn, which makes changes to the hip-to-waist ration throughout winter. Come spring, a woman is curvier (and in traditional culture, this was more attractive for a mate!!),” Cheree says.

Ever wondered why you can gain more weight in autumn and winter compared with spring and summer?

Cheree says, “Come autumn and winter, we go into an insulin-resistant state to prepare our bodies for fat storage. Come spring and summer, this reverts back to insulin-sensitive signalling, in order to burn our fats more effectively.”

Our metabolic rate changes during the seasons

Temperature changes from winter to spring affect our metabolic rate, with it being approximately 5% higher in winter to raise our body temperatures, she adds.

Some people are stuck in hibernation mode all year round and the natural cycle of the seasons does not switch on or off.

If this sounds like you, there are ways to change! Start to eat seasonally (hello strawberries), get more sunlight in spring and summer, and be active throughout autumn and winter!

Work WITH the seasons and not AGAINST them and you will reap the weight loss and health benefits!

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