‘Don’t let the scales rule your life!’ 5 reasons this mum takes NO NOTICE of the number on the scales

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It’s so easy to let the digits on the scales become an indicator of your success and become obsessed with numbers.

Check out the five ways Clare Richardson, who has lost 22kg by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, doesn’t let the scales rule her life.

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Clare’s top tips to not let the scales rule your life

“I used to stand on my scales each week and wait for them to tell me whether I had succeeded or failed,” says Clare.

“Since when did it become so important? The scales can’t show you how much FITTER and STRONGER you are becoming. They can’t tell the difference between muscle or fat.”

Here are Clare’s 5 top tips to NOT let the scales rule your life.

1. Remember they aren’t always right

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Clare wants to remind mums that those numbers are just a small part of your weight loss journey.

“They only tell a very small part of the story,” Clare says. .”..and they can often get it wrong.”

2. Factor in muscle

“While muscle doesn’t weigh more then fat, it just takes up less space than fat, so a kilo of fat and a kilo of muscle will weigh the same on the scale. The muscle takes up less room in your body.”

3. Take measurements of yourself 

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Taking your measurements are a great way to track your transformation journey.

“I’m all about taking measurements instead of weighing myself,” says Clare. “If you feel like your clothes are getting bigger, then that’s a good sign. I would rather measure my body than look at the scales. You may feel your clothes are looser too.”

4. That number on the scales is JUST a number

Clare says, when she hops on the scales she tries to remember the fact that the number displayed doesn’t account for your improved energy, increased mood and overall wellbeing. Sometimes, it’s just a number.

“The scales don’t show the impressive lifestyle change and over all improvement to your health. They only show a number.”

5. Take progress pics

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“A photo speaks a thousand words and when you take progress shots you will be amazed at the difference in your body. Sometimes the scales show a small loss but those photos show the hard work we put in. They’re so much better then any number.”

Clare says when you work hard on your health and overall fitness has improved, you don’t need the scales to tell you anything.

“Those scales become less and less important as your goals change from getting to a certain weight to getting fit and healthy,” she says.

“You got this ladies, show those scales who’s boss!”

Clare’s amazing 22kg weight loss story

Clare Poole_Before and Afters_final

Clare Poole has lost an impressive 22kg and over 70cm from her body by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

Clare says, “I was always overweight in my teenage years. I have been teased, shamed and looked down upon because of my size.

“I have tried many diets in the past and stuck to none. They were too restrictive or I gave up.”

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