Healthy Mummy mum Shanyn shares what ‘STRONGER’ means to her

Mum Shanyn shares what her biggest achievement has been since losing 35kgs with the Healthy Mummy Program. And it has a lot to do about being STRONGER.
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Losing 35kg is a massive achievement for any mum including Healthy Mummy mum Shanyn Gray. But becoming ‘STRONGER’ in every way, is a far bigger achievement.

Shanyn opens up about the word that defines her weight loss journey – ‘Stronger’, and what is means to her.


Healthy Mummy mum Shanyn Gray has been following the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges for two years and has lost a MASSIVE 35kg. Read more about Shanyn’s weight loss journey here.

She was one of nine amazing mums who were flown to Sydney recently to participate in The Healthy Mummy body confident swimsuit photoshoot.

Shanyn says: “I lost about 25/30kg in the first year and have been maintaining my loss for 12 months now. “

While her weight loss has been impressive Shanyn says “what has been even more impressive is my total mind shift and mental change over the last 2 years….and that is a lot harder to measure!!

The Healthy Mummy has made me a STRONGER person, in every way a person can be strong.

“The Healthy Mummy made me STRONGER in every way”

“Yes, I am physically stronger (I love my early morning runs) but I am also mentally stronger.

I feel like I can overcome problems better. I am more confident and more comfortable in my skin and in my life. I am happier!”


Prior to The Healthy Mummy

“After the birth of my second child I was feeling less than fabulous about myself.

I was 117.1kg the day I went into hospital to have Charlotte.

Fast forward 8 weeks after her birth and I was feeling very down about my looks and very uncomfortable in my own skin. I was 108.8kg!”

Delicious meals and an easy to follow meal plan

“I remember seeing someone on Facebook post some amazing meals that they had made from The Healthy Mummy.

It looked delicious and it was HEALTHY! After some research I found that all the recipes in The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge looked amazing!

Best of all, they didn’t require 1000 ingredients and most were very fast to make.

This was definitely something I could get onboard with!”

Shanyn Gray stronger

“The weight fell off !”

Over the course of the year, Shanyn’s weight began to fall off.

Shanyn says “I followed the challenges, with LOTS of customising to suit mine and my family’s tastes and budgets.

To be honest, I lost most of the weight through eating alone. I didn’t start exercising until 12 months in.

I found I hit a bit of a weight loss plateau at about the 25kg mark.”

Healthy Mummy smoothies

After hitting a plateau Shanyn decided to try The Healthy Mummy Smoothies for breakfast.

She says “I wish I had tried them earlier! Not only are they a quick and nutritious breakfast option but there are HUNDREDS of different flavour combos!

Literally something for everyone!” 

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Banana Smoothie Collage

“Being a full-time working mum, it hasn’t always been an easy road. I often feel “selfish” for taking time for myself. But, I am a happier mum and wife when I am looking after myself.

When mums are happier, the whole family is happier!”

Shannon’s top 3 tips for mum’s starting The Healthy Mummy Weight Loss Challenges:


1. Plan, plan, plan

“Sit down and make a meal plan and an exercise plan for the week.

Schedule this time in like you would an appointment. Make it a non-negotiable.

I like to run most mornings but because we have early starts I have to get up at 4:45am to do it.

I don’t mind doing this as it is time I really value for myself (physically and mentally)

2. Prep it up

“Once I have my meal plan for the week, I spend a couple of hours on the weekend preparing all my snacks and some meals.

During the week, I have 11 hour days (out of the house at 7am and home at 6pm) so simply don’t have time in the mornings to make lunches and snacks.

There is no excuse for not eating well when it is all made and all I have to do is grab it.”

3. Water

“You can not lose weight (or function) if you don’t have enough water! I have 2-3L EVERY DAY. Don’t worry, your bladder will get used to it!”

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The Healthy Mummy team would like to congratulate Shannon on her FABULOUS weight loss success and her journey to discover what it feels like to be ‘STRONGER!’

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Whether you have five kilograms to lose or 35 kilograms to lose – The Healthy Mummy is here to SUPPORT YOU and your PERSONAL WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY.

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