Lisa shares how The Healthy Mummy taught her to nourish her body, not starve and punish it!

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Healthy Mummy, Lisa, shares how the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge taught her how to be healthy and in turn, has helped to improve her mental health and well being.

Lisa shares how The Healthy Mummy taught her to nourish her body, not starve and punish it!

Lisa Porteous, 32, from Northam in WA is a mum of 4 children aged 8, 6, 2 and 7 months.

Lisa has been following The Healthy Mummy for 5 years, since her son was 1,

Lisa shares, “I have lost 40kgs, with two Healthy Mummy pregnancies in there too!

“It took 5 years, but I have had 2 more babies in that time too!

“After my first 2 babies I struggled a lot with my mental health, I was eating junk and feeling like junk.

“The Healthy Mummy taught me how to nourish my body and not starve and punish it, it taught me how to be healthy and in turn my mental health turned around too.

“I love that I can also whatever I have time for, sometimes it’s 10 minutes and sometimes it’s 45 depending on the day and the kids!”

Lisa’s favourite Healthy Mummy Smoothies and recipes:

“I love that my kids love the recipes too, I let them pick what they want to eat/make from the app.

“My favourite Healthy Mummy Smoothie is Choc Fudge, I love peanut butter with my smoothies.

“My favourite meal would have to be Mexican Lasagna and Stovetop Lasagna, and snacks would be Salted chocolate bliss balls and the Peanut butter fudge bars!”

Lisa’s tips for other mums:

  • Take measurements and forget the scales.
  • Plan ahead if you are eating out.
  • Get your kids involved, they’ll be your biggest cheerleaders and in turn, you’ll be teaching them important life skills.

Lisa’s motivation advice:

Lisa’s advice if you feel like giving up, “If you are finding it hard just concentrate on one thing, whether it’s drinking enough water, eating healthy or exercise. Think of your why, and if that’s not enough to keep you going create a new why.”

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