This mumma shifted her mindset and saw some amazing results in just 12 mths!

Kara Jack is a 35-year-old mum of two boys living on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula who committed to changing her health.
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Kara Jack is a 35-year-old mum of two boys living on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula who committed to changing her health and her life after the birth of her second baby. This commitment has seen Kara drop three dress sizes, she doesn’t know the kilos she’s lost, and have more energy and be more mentally healthy.

Kara loves the range of healthy recipes available with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge as she’s a fussy eater herself and knows she can always find something she likes to build her meal plan.

Read more about Kara below.

After “getting serious” about her health this mum saw amazing shifts in her mental and physical health

After she finished have her babies Kara knew she wanted to get serious about focusing her health and lose the weight, and once she got serious about it she saw amazing results!

“I had 2 babies close together being 8 weeks pregnant and my eldest 1st birthday. I knew when I was done with pregnancies that it was time to get serious.

I first bought a Healthy Mummy cook book at Kmart in 2019 and started cooking the odd recipe. I then joined the app for a 3 month special and tried a few more recipes but when the 3 months was done I went back to the cookbook ones. I didn’t use it every day like I do now.”

Then she decided it was time to focus so signed up and hasn’t looked back.

“Early 2020 (I think) I decided to join the so I had access to all The Healthy Mummy recipes.

That’s when I got serious with it.”

So how did she shift her focus when she got “serious” with it? Made sure she was including Healthy Mummy Smoothies in her meal plan and finding meals that fit her usually fussy tastebuds in the thousands of Healthy Mummy recipes available in the app.

“I received The Healthy Mummy Smoothies and have since bought them to use most mornings for breakfast.

I found The Healthy Mummy Smoothies perfect for breakfast with young kids. I found I didn’t get to eat much and would snack if I didn’t prepare and meal prep.

I am such a fussy eater, getting better now at trying new things but I love The Healthy Mummy because I can adjust the meal plan to have the meals I like and eat dishes that I know I’ll enjoy. It’s easy to stick to a meal plan when you enjoy the food you’re eating, and it comes with chocolately treats.”

Kara hasn’t tracked her weight closely but has seen changes in her body, the way she feels and how she approaches her life since beginning The Healthy Mummy.

“I was 99kg after having my second baby in February 2019 and slowly started improving my foods. I started a challenge at my gym in 2019 when I was 85.8kg. I used the healthy mummy meals with the exercises at my gym. On days when I was unable to train at the gym or poor for time I used The Healthy Mummy workouts and would squeeze in a quick 20min whole body weights session.

Then in 2020 I joined a new gym and started working really hard to lose my weight.”

She has seen her physical and mental health improve once she really focused and made changes like eating right and working out, The Healthy Mummy helped her realise that she didn’t need to give up the foods she loves when trying to lose weight.

“I feel so much better mentally and physically when I’m eating right and exercising regularly. The Healthy Mummy has helped me realise that you can eat foods you love like pasta and chocolate and still loose weight. It’s all about balance and consistency.

I couldn’t give you an exact amount of weight I’ve lost since using The Healthy Mummy. I know I’ve used The Healthy Mummy for over a year now and in that time I would have to say I am 20kg down 3 dress sizes.”

What does Kara’s day on a plate usually look like?

“I use The Healthy Mummy meals every day.

Usually a shake for breakfast and we love the gourmet scrambled eggs on a weekend.

A nice treat with a coffee for morning tea. I love the ‘nutella’ bliss balls.

Lunch would consist of one of the salads in summer and I loved the garlic and chilli baked chicken grilled cheese in winter.

Sometimes we’d just have what ever was left over from dinner the night before.

Afternoon tea I’d either have fruits/veg or a baked style treat with veggies in it. The broccoli cheese bites have to be a favourite.

Dinner we’d change up between many but a family favourite would have to be Mexican chicken bake, Mexican lasagne and sausage pasta bake.

Dessert would be another sweet treat with a cup of tea. Peanut bubble slice and the Florentine have to be our favourites. So many yummy recipes…”

We agree Kara there are definitely plenty of delicious healthy recipes as part of The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge or even free recipes on our website!

What advice would she give to others on the same journey?

“My advise would be plan ahead, spend some time prepping meals each week and choose recipes with foods you love.”

Well done Kara! We can’t wait to see you progress further.

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