Kim Kardashian said no to these baby names before settling on Chicago

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After revealing the choice in her baby’s name doesn’t flow, Kim Kardashian revealed the names she also blacklisted.

Proving she’s not picky (HA!), the latest episode of Keeping up with The Kardashians saw Kim say NO to not 3 but 14 names!

Giving Kim credit, the names were very…interesting?

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The newest edition to the Kardashian-West clan, Chicago was born via surrogate and in the episode Kim is worried that the due date is nearing closer and closer and she has no baby girl names ready!

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“I have no baby names. Like, none,” Kim told her sisters.

Let the suggestions begin!

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Cruella!” (suggestion 1) Kourtney offers to which Kim replied, “I kind of like one syllable.” You could have tried these one syllable baby names Kim!

Khloe then suggests Italy (2), Milan (3) and Rome (4) for a geographical baby name, which again Kim shuts down and says she’s already scoured the map.

Kim then asks the questions to her sisters, “Any zodiac signs (5)? Any biblical names (6)?” No luck.

Kourtney suggests their grandmothers name, “What about MJ West (7)?” to which Kim also turns her nose up to.

Kanye’s cousin then gets involved and offers Queen (8), Vuitton (9), This (10), Miracle (11) and Precious (12). We’re quietly relieved Kim didn’t take these suggestions!

The last two suggestions from Kourtney and her kids were Emily (13) and Gardenia (14).

Settling on Chicago, Kim calls her newest daughter Chi for short and said, “The moment I laid eyes on my baby I was so in love, I’m so excited to have this addition to my family.”

Names are important but the love and excitement you have for your new baby are more important! Let our baby name lists do the work for you and see all our baby name archives here.

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