Is Lack Of Sleep Killing Your Motivation?

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Feeling exhausted is something that mums know about all too well, so it’s no surprise that a lack of sleep can truly kill all motivation.

Eating healthily and exercising can be really tough at times and with so many mums not getting enough sleep it can be even tougher. But here are some top tips to help you through!

How To Cope With Low Motivation & Sleep Deprivation

Six Tips That May Help When You Are Sleep Deprived Or Lacking Motivation

  1. Take things slowly for a few days.

    If you’re really exhausted, choose light exercise over something really strenuous. And when it comes to food, if you can, pre-prepare a few meals and keep them your freezer so you don’t have to do lots of cooking. Here are eight healthy meals to freeze for some inspiration!

  2. If you fall off the “wagon” don’t stress about it

    Stressing is the easiest way to lose motivation as you’ll dwell on what you haven’t done when it comes to exercise or the incorrect food choices you may have made. Always remember that tomorrow is a new day.

  3. Have you made big AND small goals?

    If you have, get them out and read through them again. Tick off the ones you’ve already achieved – great work! And look at how much closer you are to getting to the big goals. Every little bit counts so ensure you have plenty of small goals to achieve e.g. “walk for 20 minutes every day” as these will add up to getting you closer to your bigger goals.

    tips to stay motivated

  4. Customisable meal plans

    With these, you can really make the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge as easy or involved as you like when it comes to meal prep. So on those days when you’ve been up all night with the kids, choose more simple meals to prepare. Customise with five ingredients or less or use leftovers to make a healthy and easy meal.

  5. The Healthy Mummy Smoothies

    Our smoothies which come in a range of delicious flavours are perfect for those really busy or exhausting days. Not only are they full of nutrients and breastfeeding-friendly, but we have some amazing recipes that you can check out here!

  6. Remember you are only human

    Not feeling like a cheerleader every day is completely normal. Take things slowly when you’re having a bad day and your motivation will soon return – you’ll feel great that you haven’t just given up totally.

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