Latest trend: Baby names inspired by health food (yes, really!)

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It seems Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin began a trend when they named their daughter Apple back in 2004.

Yep, that’s right, food – or health food to be more precise – names are becoming increasingly popular among parents claims BabyCenter.com.

According to the parenting website, names such as Kale (35% rise), Maple (up 32%) and Clementine (15% rise) have all seen a big rise in popularity. As well as the name Kiwi.

baby with food picnic

Other popular names inspired by food have been herbs like Sage, Saffron and Rosemary, claims the website.

Here are 32 other monikers inspired by food

1. Ambrosia (a Greek food god)

2. Anise (a spice)

3. Basil

4. Benedict

5. Brandy

6. Brie

7. Cayenne

8. Cherry

9. Chai

10. Chip

11. Clove

12. Coco

13. Cookie

14. Coriander (Cori for short)

15. Dijon

16. Ginger

baby in cabbage

17. Honey

18. Jasmine

19. Kobe (like a kobe of beef)

20. Lavender

21. Mac

22. Maize

23. Nori (a type of seaweed used in Japan and Korea)

24. Olive

25. Peaches


27. Plum

28. Rye

29. Patty

30. Sugar

31. Thyme

32. Tahini

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