Research finds you can lose up to 7kg in 3 months by eating your meals between 7am and 3pm!

A study conducted at an American university hospital has found that restricting eating to between the hours of 7am and 3pm may help to increase weight loss and lower blood pressure.
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New research has found that you can lose up to 7kg in three months by eating all of your meals between 7am and 3pm.

When you’ve got a hectic schedule running around after kids, it’s not easy to eat dinner until everyone is in bed some days.

Eating late can slow down your digestive system and lead to a poor night’s sleep. This can affect your weight.

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Research finds you can lose a significant amount of weight by eating between 7am – 3pm

Experts studied obese adults for 14 weeks. Some were asked to eat within an eight-hour window, while the others ate when they wanted.

The results found that those who ate within a certain time frame ate less (as much as a chocolate bar, less of food per day).

Results published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that early time-restricted eating for a period of 8 hours between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. led to more effective weight loss, blood pressure control, and mood improvement in adults with obesity when compared with a group who ate in an eating window greater than 12 hours.

It seems that by limiting the time we eat, we also limit the number of calories we consume.

“The effects of early-in-the-day time-restricted-eating were equivalent to reducing calorie intake by an additional 214 calories per day,” the study authors wrote in their findings.

Here’s why eating BEFORE 6pm is good for your health

Meanwhile, a year-long study by scientists at Columbia University has found that those who eat later in the evening were more likely to have high blood pressure, a higher body mass index and higher blood sugar levels.

112 women were given a heart health score at the start of the study, then one year later.

They kept electronic food diaries on how much they aged and the time of day they ate. The results showed that eating after 6pm caused numerous health problems.

Time-restricted eating is effective for weight loss, but it can also improve mood and blood pressure.

Science reveals why eating dinner BEFORE 6pm is good for your health

Another study by Harvard researchers found that men who regularly had a ‘midnight’ or late evening snack were 55% more likely to develop coronary heart disease.

“We evolved to adopt a 24-hour light and dark cycle, meaning we eat and are active during the day and we sleep at night,” lead researcher Dr Nour Makarem told the Today Show.

“But our more demanding work schedules and commutes push everything later, and now we are eating at unconventional times.

“So far, lifestyle approaches to prevent heart disease have focused on what we eat and how much we eat.

“These preliminary results indicate that intentional eating that is mindful of the timing and proportion of calories in evening meals may represent a simple, modifiable behaviour that can help lower heart disease risk.”

Maybe it’s time to start eating with the kids!

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