Melissa Timmer explains the benefits of exercise and why it’s so important

Melissa Timmer is a huge fan of the gym! Now, this gorgeous mum has shared why she believes exercise is so important. See how...
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Melissa Timmer lost 37kg in just 18 months by following The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and now this mama loves the gym!
This gorgeous mum has shared why she believes exercise is so important…
Melissa Timmer explains the benefits of exercise and why it's so important

Why is it important to exercise and what benefits can you get out of it?

Not only does exercise make you feel better but it also has some health benefits like reducing the chance of health issues like heart attacks, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol. It’s also a great way to start off your day.

Starting off your day with a positive attitude is a must for this journey to have a successful day having the right mindset will be the trick that gets you there.

Exercise is also a great way to help build muscle, strengthen your bones, tone and help with excess skin we might be left off with after massive weight loss.

Did you know exercise is a great stress reliever?

It can also help with sleeping at night, as well as being a great stress reliever and leave you feeling much better within yourself.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, exercise is a great way to help deal with that. If you’re not currently doing any activities, start off with some light walks, or swimming.

How to start off exercising when you’ve not done it before

Build your resistance up and then slowly push yourself to do more every week.

It can be hard relying on others to exercise with you but if you can find a walking buddy or someone to keep you accountable that will help push you to do more as well.

In fact, you can learn to love exercise, I used to hate the thought of doing exercise but about a year into my journey I became really addicted to it and now I can’t picture a day without doing some sort of exercise.


I love the feeling it gives me after I’ve smashed a great workout, on days that my stress level is so high I’ll go hit up the gym rather than hitting up fast food.

If you can commit to at least 3 days a week at the beginning then you will have a good routine going to get results and benefits from exercise.

Melissa’s weight loss story


Melissa says when she was looking to shred the kilos she would always change up her routine.

“I did lots of high-intensity workouts, like HIIT, BOXING, SPRINTING definitely got the kg off me. And adding weight sessions in between really toned and got me feeling a lot stronger,” she says.

“What I was fuelling my body with was the most important factor for me in shredding kilos. Having a plan and always having a good stock of basic ingredients like tuna, beetroot, baby spinach, almond milk, smoothies, protein powders, rice cakes helped.”

What Melissa Timmer, who lost 37kg, eats in a typical week

“This way I knew I could always throw something together if I was time short (which most days I am).

“Having those ingredients would leave me with a healthy snack or meal for e.g. a great protein salad or smoothie. And of course, I always have my Healthy Mummy frozen meals if I’m wanting something more.”

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