Healthy Mummy Michelle shares how she stays healthy while suffering from COVID

Michelle Knight has tested positive to covid but she's been able to eat healthy and keep active.
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As the pandemic continues to keep many of us at home, it’s easy to build up unhealthy habits, eat takeaway and lay in bed.

But it’s important to keep your immune system boosted in order to fight the virus. However, everyone will react differently to it and some may be very sick and need hospital treatment.

Michelle Knight, who has lost 37kg by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, has recently tested positive and is isolating.

Amazingly, she’s still been able to eat healthy and keep active throughout this difficult time.

Mum shares how she stays healthy while suffering from COVID

How Michelle has stayed on track while battling COVID

Poor Michelle has revealed she has had quite a rough time while battling covid.

“I’ve had a rough time with it as it has hit me quite hard, it definitely affects everyone differently.I just wanted to share what has been getting me through and helping me with this very trying time,” she says.

“The hardest thing has been not having people around. It’s been hard emotionally but living the healthy mummy lifestyle has definitely made the day-to-day basics much easier.”

Mum shares how she stays healthy while suffering from COVID

In fact, Michelle says that everything felt like even just walking to the toilet was a struggle but she was determined to get better as quickly as she could.

“My two litre water bottle has been a godsend. Now I have all three colours and use them daily,” she says.

“I also had Healthy Mummy hand sanitiser  on hand. Plus, the SKIN range has been there for when I have needed a little pick me up or I have just got out of one of my numerous showers and want my skin to not suffer.

“Bath salts have helped immensely with the muscle aches and pains which have often woken me finding me in the bath at all silly hours.”

How meal prep has kept Michelle nourished

What’s more, Michelle was lucky that she didn’t have to try and make meals or call in take-away as she had a freezer stashed full of meal prep she had done before she was sick.

“Due to not having any sense of smell for the first time in my life I’m scared to cook on the stove because I can’t smell if it’s burning or not,” she says.

“So being able to just go to the freezer and get a nutritious meal (mostly soups) and pop it in the microwave or do up a little snack from prep has actually been the only way I have been able to eat.”

And when it comes to exercise, Michelle has been grateful for The Healthy Mummy app with all it’s exercises you can do from home.

“The fitness section of the app has shone as well, going through different sections I’ve been able to adapt and modify some very basic exercise and more importantly stretches to just ease into and keep my body moving in a kind way that is helping my mental health,” she says.

Suffering from covid can be very lonely while you are isolating but Michelle has been reaching out to The Healthy Mummy community.

“You really do get support. I’ve had so many messages from other mums just checking in. And there’s a few of us that are covid positive and we are communicating every day and keeping our spirits up,” she says.

Michelle’s top tips on staying healthy and on track while suffering from covid


The Super Greens and Vitamin C and Zinc boost plus lots of water, Healthy Mummy Smoothies with just water as a snack


Keep it simple. Light meals, pick platters, salads, freezer stash, and Smoothies. I’ve been adding more ice after making mine.


You can exercise when you are better. Simple stretches from the warmups, the post natal and the yoga and walking.


Meditation and the daily mind well being tasks from The Healthy Mummy app. Plus, listen to the podcasts to keep motivated.

Along with Fitness and Food, there’s a WELLBEING area on The Healthy Mummy app. Along with all our meditation options, here you will find amazing videos of recipes, smoothies, podcasts and heaps more.


SKIN Superfoods Serum, Pink Clay Mask, epsom salts in your bath, and the Revive Oil. (I’ve got the whole skin range and I’m using it all even the hair towel).


The community Facebook support group I’m in has been amazing. The main page has once again shown why it’s incredible to be a Healthy Mummy with lots of support. Try and stay positive when posting but let people know if you are struggling.

“I just want to say how very thankful I am to be a healthy mummy and living a healthy mummy lifestyle especially through this horrid sickness.”

How Michelle lost 37kg

Michelle Knight has bravely opened up about how she is dealing with depression, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder, and is now taking back control of her life.

Michelle knight featured

Brave mum deals with depression and PTSD

After going through some traumatic experiences, Michelle says things turned around when she discovered The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. She is beginning to feel better than ever.

“Over 10 years ago, a car accident changed my life,” she says. “I was a healthy 57kg, but after the accident I went up to over 97.5kgs.

I needed surgery on my wrist. My shoulder neck and back were damaged and I had limited strength and movement, so I had to adapt my exercises, but I ended up putting on weight very quickly.

My injuries I could deal with, but when I saw a photo of myself at a friend’s wedding, I burst into tears. I knew I needed to do something about my weight.”

Mum shares how she stays healthy while suffering from COVID

Michelle says her eating regime was all over the place – she would skip meals, drink fizzy sodas and would eat large portions of food. Plus, as she was feeling so down, she found herself eating for comfort.

“I convinced myself that I was eating well, but I knew I really wasn’t,” she admits.

Michelle was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder from her accident and depression following the loss of her sister.

How Michelle turned it around

Finally, Michelle says a light in her head switched on, and she knew she needed to make a change. That’s when she saw an add for The Healthy Mummy and signed up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“I didn’t think I could afford to go on The Healthy Mummy app at first, but how wrong I was! When I broke it down, it was cheaper than any other weight loss program out there – and cheaper than signing up to a gym. 

“In fact, it’s worth every cent! There are all these yummy recipes on the Challenge, I stopped drinking soft drinks and started exercising. I was learning how to calorie count and what food to eat.

“The Healthy Mummy has given me the knowledge to make changes and the strength to control my depression.”

Feeling in control again

Michelle says she’s now feeling so much better within herself, and is in control of her weight.

“I’m definitely happier though, and feel like I’ve started becoming my old self again.

“Thank you so much Healthy Mummy, for just being there for me at my lowest and helping me reach my highest.”

We’re so glad you’re feeling so much happier within yourself, Michelle! You look fantastic.

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