See how Mum Jen is now bursting with energy and confidence having lost over 26 kilos in 8 months!

By following Healthy Mummy and using their products this gorgeous Mum has lost over 26 kilos and has a new lease on life.
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Way to go Jen! By following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and using Healthy Mummy products for the last 8 months, this gorgeous Mum of two has lost over 26 kilos and has a new lease on life!

“I not only have WAY more energy but my whole attitude and confidence have improved. I’m loving life. Hubby and kids notice how much more confident and happy I am too.”

See her story below

Jen’s Weight Loss Journey

Jen Stewart is 36 from Brisbane with two beautiful children aged 4 and 2.

Jen admits that there were several reasons she knew she needed to take control of her health and weight. One of the main ones was not being able to keep up with her active kids.

She shares, “I felt tired and sluggish all the time. I felt the kids were missing out on the everyday activities like walks to the park, adventures & playdates.”

Along with keeping up with her kids, Jen was fed up with not being able to fit into most of her clothes.

“And seeing a photo of me at my biggest made me realise I needed to get my life back.”

Taking Back Control

Determined to take back control, Jen signed up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and has not looked back. Just 8 months on, she’s lost 26.3 kilos and is feeling fantastic!

“I’ve gone from 88.8kg when I started to now 62.5kg and have dropped from a size 16 to a size 8 – 10.”

Jen has seen obvious health benefits to her weight loss including a huge increase in her energy levels.

“I not only have WAY more energy but my whole attitude/confidence has improved. I’m loving life. Hubby and kids notice how much more confident/ happy I am too.”

 Healthy Mummy Products

Jen has found that using some key Healthy Mummy products has really helped with her weight loss and journey to better health. She incorporates Healthy Mummy Smoothies into her daily routine.

“I use Healthy Mummy Smoothies mostly every morning. My favourites are the tummy and premium smoothies. I love the tummy vanilla and premium banana sundae.”

“I am also a major fan of Hot Chocolate with Collagen (pictured). I’ve been having it as a late afternoon snack to keep me going till dinner or as an evening snack. I love the Healthy Mummy powdered peanut butter too. I add it to my smoothies or mix it with a dash of milk on rice cakes.”

Jen’s Typical Day on a plate

  • Breakfast around 830am: Healthy Mummy Smoothie  At the moment I’m loving the banana sundae smoothie with peanut butter, almond milk & half a frozen banana.
  • Morning snack around 11 am: Loving rice cakes with different toppings (all recipes from the Healthy Mummy App). Favourite’s are peanut butter & banana or avocado & cheese, ricotta & tomato.
  • Lunch around 1pm: Tuna melts or rice paper rolls are my go to at the moment.
  • Afternoon snack around 3.30pm:  Greek yoghurt and strawberries or apple and peanut butter. Healthy Mummy collagen hot chocolate.
  • Dinner at 6pm: A couple of family favourites are one pot spaghetti, slow cooker asian chicken (pictured) and  Mexican  Lasagne.
  • Finish the day off with herbal tea and dark chocolate.

Jen enjoys cooking up lots of different snacks from the Healthy Mummy App to help keep her on track.

Favourite App workout in The Healthy Mummy App

“One of my favourites is the ‘No equipment Workout’ with Joanne. She’s amazing! Love her Barre classes too. I’ve also joined a local Barre class which I absolutely love.”

Jen’s 3 tips for other mums

  • Never give up! It can be hard at times but think of your end goal and how it would feel to reach it.
  • Start with small changes with exercises, food swaps etc. Remember it’s a lifestyle change.
  • The Private Support Facebook group is amazing for asking advice and tips. Never be afraid to ask a question. The Healthy Mummy community is amazing with no judgement.

‘Make the Most of the Healthy Mummy APP!!’

“My advice would be to make the most of the App! It’s AMAZING. Great easy recipes and food ideas for the whole family. FUN workouts ready to go and being able to keep track of your calorie and water intake helps so much. You’ve got this!”

Congratulations Jen on your amazing results!

Are you ready to join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge?

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