“Social outings used to terrify me”. Mum shares how she overcame her fears.

Body-shy mum Hayley Campbell used to suffer social anxiety due to low self esteem. Just the thought of going out used to make her feel sick. But not anymore.

Since losing 30kg with The Healthy Mummy and regaining her body confidence, her perspective on how she wants to live her life also changed.

From feeling sick at just the thought of going out to being excited to take part in mud obstacle course with thousands of spectators, Hayley is not letting a single day pass her by.  And we couldn’t be prouder of her.


written by:

Jill Brandenburg

Jill is a design junkie and lifestyle writer from Brisbane. Now living in San Francisco, when she is not begging the school mums to try her vegemite sandwiches she is busy creating interior schemes and animations.