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Mum makes 36 meals for $93 – that’s just over $2.50 a meal!

Wow wee! Abby Curry really knows how to make her money go further!

As well as losing kg with The Healthy Mummy – she has become a pro at budget recipes and meal prep (read Abby’s weight loss story here)

In fact, this clever mamma was able to make 36 Healthy Mummy meals from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app for her family of six.

Best of all, it only set her back $93! That works out at just over $2.50 per meal. Here’s how she did it.

Mum makes 36 meals for $93 – that’s just over $2.50 a meal!

Abby made 36 meals for $93 – each meal cost just over $2.50 to make!

Abby made…

  • Mexican Lasagne x 8 serves
  • Budget Beef Stew x 8 serves
  • Easy Fried Rice x 8 serves (doubled these recipes to cater for 6 for freezer stash with two serves of each leftover)
  • Sweet Potato and Spinach Lasagne x 6 serves
  • One Pot Spaghetti Bolognese x 12 serves

Mum makes 36 meals for $93 – that’s just over $2.50 a meal!

Abby didn’t slave away all day in the kitchen – it only took her around three hours to cook this – that means she can save herself time in the week!

I cooked my meals in stages over my Sunday about three hours on total with preparation and cooking time, but I split it through the day,” she says.

“It took me about 20 minutes serving all the meals up into containers. My thermomix saves time chopping the veggies for me and my hubby jumps in and helps where he can!”

Mum makes 36 meals for $93 – that’s just over $2.50 a meal!

Abby’s top tips for meal prep

  1. Allocate time for your prep

“I like to do meals that are on the stovetop at the same time as I put things in the oven.  This way, I can keep my eye on them at the same time.”

  1. Use your slow cooker

“If I’m time poor and a recipe will work in the slow cooker, such as a stew or a soup, I will cook it this way to save myself time and energy.”

  1. Get your fussy eaters to choose the meals

“Because my kids are all older they had already found meals that they enjoyed. With the Healthy Mummy recipes, there are healthier adaptations of our family favourites, so my tips for fussy eaters are to choose meals from the Challenge app that are closest to what they already enjoy.”

Tips on saving money

  1. Buy in bulk. I get fruit, veggies and meat in large quantities.
  2. Shop around. Pick ingredients that are cheaper in different stores.
  3. Always choose meals that have a lot of the same staple ingredients.
  4. Make your favourite recipes often. I have a lot of the ingredients in the fridge so I will base what meals I cook around what I have leftover.

Read Abby’s weight loss story here

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