Mum of 8 shares why it’s so important to prioritise ourselves every single day

Rochelle shares how taking care of herself not only helps with her health and weight loss goals but also means she's able to be the must mum she can be. 
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Rochelle O Conner admits to sometimes putting herself and her needs last on her endless list of things to get done in a day. Given that she’s mum to 8 beautiful children, that may sound not surprising.

But having lost her baby weight, following FIVE of her pregnancy’s with The Healthy Mummy, Rochelle knows only too well that taking care of herself, and her basic needs, will not only help with her health and weight loss goals but will also mean that she’s able to be the must mum she can be.

Here Rochelle shares why she tries to make herself a priority for her, and her family!

Eat, drink, sleep, repeat- sounds easy enough right?

“Except we all know there are one million steps between those three simple key elements to our day (well maybe not a million, but close enough ha ha)”

“As a mother of eight, it feels like there are a countless number of tasks to be completed before I can get to the things which I need to be do for myself. Often it means delaying even the basic life necessities, like drinking water! And this impacts me in so many different ways – some of which I don’t even suspect until the repercussion is noticeable.” 

“Unexpected things- like my skin suffers! It begins to flake and appears super dry. But the impact doesn’t end there – my eyes become painfully dry and that’s when I’m forced to stop and reassess what I’ve been spending my time doing during the day. I mean what could be so important that makes me fail to drink water?! Is it just a matter of forgetting to take my water bottle out with me, or did something unexpectedly steer me off course?

 Chores Do Not Come First

“It’s not just water though. I’ve actually caught myself out a number of times saying things like “I’ll have lunch after I hang the clothes to dry”. Now I know that at first this may not seem so bad, and actually sounds super productive, however, in reality what I’m saying to myself is that doing the chores is more important than nourishing my body with basic life sustenance!”

“It’s almost like I’m treating myself like a pet, rewarding myself with food for performing a trick and it feels wrong on a number of levels.”

‘No wonder they say ‘you can’t pour from an empty vessel’

“It’s a reminder to us all, to prioritise ourselves each and every day because, if you’re running on empty, how well are you performing the tasks which essentially can influence how the rest of your family functions?”

Personally, I have noticed a vicious cycle that I sometimes fall into. One where I put so many other unnecessary tasks first and then, only when I reach a point where the hunger pangs really set in, do I stop and think ‘oh goodness I need to eat something.’ But, by then it’s too late, and in my rush to fill that void I grab whatever is fastest to consume- which isn’t always the greatest choice nutritionally!”

 ‘Healthy Mummy Smoothies are a lifesaver!’

“This is why I now structure my day around the basics, and try not to compromise on these essentials because it’s what powers my day. For example, I know that by midday I must have had a set amount of water if I hope to reach my 3L goal before bed. It’s a must, not just for good skin or weight loss, but whilst I’m breastfeeding it’s especially imperative! I’ve also found that the Healthy Mummy Smoothies are a lifesaver on busier days!”

Functioning our best for our kids

“I won’t compromise on the things which make me feel great, those terribly basic, yet life-giving little things which my body relies on to make it through the day. And let’s face it, when we’re functioning at our best, especially as Mums, our little ones are able to get the very best out of us too!”

“It truly is the little things in life that matters most. So set yourself up for success, make sure you aren’t compromising on the things which matter most to your health and well-being.” 

Find ways to remind yourself

“Personally, I’m forgetful at the best of times, even without eight little ones in tow! So I found super simple ways of reminding myself to do the basics, so that it blends in seamlessly into my day e.g. keeping a bottle of water in the fridge and drinking it every time I open it mindlessly (which I do often).

And oh, my goodness the daily reminders from The Healthy Mummy App are an absolute Godsend! I love them especially when they pop up on my smart watch and it really does help to refocus my mind especially if I’m having a day where I’m just running on autopilot!”

Getting the Foundations Right

“Starting with the basics & getting the foundations right, has always helped me to kickstart my weight loss. It gives me a baseline to return to if ever I’m feeling overwhelmed, and it really does set me up for success!”

 “It’s like the saying goes, ‘The little things in life always end up being the big things!’

Fuelling your body with adequate nutrients, an excellent water intake and getting enough sleep is the key and once those three are in sync, everything else, like exercise becomes so much easier because you’ve got the right energy to accomplish it.”

Amazing words Rochelle! Thank you for sharing with us.

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