You’ll NEVER believe how much this mum is saving a year after QUITTING fizzy drinks

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This mum was a self-proclaimed fizzy drink addict, and her habit was costing her a small fortune!

Brooke Jones has lost 25kg through The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges but she says before she joined she’d guzzle down two litres of soft drink A DAY!

Here’s how she beat the habit and saved herself over $1,000 A YEAR!


Saving $1,000 a year on fizzy drinks

“Do you ever get the feeling that you need an icy cold fizzy sweet sensation in your mouth,” she says. “Imagine having that every day and fulfilling that craving with a litre or more of soft drink.”

Brooke says from a young age she drank fizzy drinks, as they were always in the house when she was growing up.

Brooke Jones end Oct

“You could say my addiction started early,” she reveals. “It would start out as a few glasses a day to being able to polish off a litre or two a day.”

Brooke says she was spending around $20 on fizzy drinks alone, and when she started her Healthy Mummy journey she cut out fizzy drinks.

Brooke instead drank Healthy Mummy Smoothies and water, but sometimes those tempting cravings hit, so rather than cave in she has soda water with fruit or mineral water with a little bit of sugar free cordial.

“I have saved upwards of $20 a week not purchasing soft drinks and sugary drinks,” she says.

“And I am much less bloated now that I am not drinking them. In fact, I’ve lost 25kg! Thanks to The Healthy Mummy I’ve learnt what to put into my body and how to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Join Brooke on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

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