Mums Encouraged To Embrace Their Post-Baby Bodies In Beautiful Photo Series

Our bodies change in so many ways after we've carried children. Some of us love our new post-baby body, and others find it difficult to accept new stretch marks and wobbly bits.
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Our bodies change in so many ways after we’ve carried children. Some of us love our new form, and others find it difficult to accept new stretch marks and wobbly bits. But there comes a time when we need to understand how amazing our bodies are, and what they’ve been through – just like these incredible mums.

fox kerr perfect imperfections photos 1

Photographer Neely Ker-Fox struggled with her own body image after her second baby, saying she barely recognised the new body she was living with.

“My abs are separated from my pelvic bone to my sternum, I have an umbilical hernia in need of repair, and I’m currently in physical therapy due to back problems stemming from my abs being weak,” she explained.

“I have stretch marks. I have sciatic nerve pain in my bottom. All this came out of left field after my perfect first pregnancy.”

ker fox perfect imperfections photos

Perfect Imperfections – capturing the reality of post-baby bodies

So she created a photo series titled, “Perfect Imperfections”, in the hope of helping other mums accept their post-baby bodies. “We as humans all have insecurities and we are all scarred, imperfect and flawed in some way physically and emotionally.”

She acknowledges just how brave each woman is, to be stripped to their underwear and put their bodies in the spotlight. But her aim is to inspire others to open their minds while embracing their bodies.


fox kerr perfect imperfections photos rachael

Rachel says: “I walked out of the shoot with my head held high with a new confidence I didn’t know I had in me.”


kerr fox perfect imperfections photos kristi

Kristi says: “For myself, the whole experience was symbolic in seeing how far I have come not only as a mother, but also as a woman. Coming to love myself the way that God intended has taken some time and lots of self reflection. I have had a tremendous four years of learning lessons and I could not be more grateful for having experienced it all. I want to be the best for myself so that I can be the best for my daughter.”


fox kerr perfect imperfections photos jenny

Jenny explains: “I was so nervous to do it, especially after the meet and greet and I saw all the other beauties participating (I don’t know why women compare ourselves to each other that way). I felt pretty comfortable during the shoot, probably because I could not see myself. I so enjoyed loving on my sweet babies and I am so happy that there will be pictures of that. After all, it is the way women are capable of loving that make us beautiful. You never see a better example of that then a mum with her babies.”

Just as every pregnancy and baby is different, so too is every post-baby body. Remember to be kind to yourself and don’t rush, love your body just as your children do.

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