Natural ways to reduce stretch marks from pregnancy

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During your pregnancy you may get stretch marks on different parts of your body. Here Cheree Sheldon, Nutritionist talks about some ways to reduce these marks with healthy pregnancy foods and natural remedies.

Natural Ways To Reduce Stretch Marks From Pregnancy
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Natural Ways to reduce stretch marks from pregnancy

We have all seen them, those big red streaky lines that indicate our tummies have grown way too fast for the skin to keep up with. Some women wear them with pride but others just want their bodies to look and feel like it once did pre-bub.

So, let’s explore the things you could do prior to and during pregnancy to avoid and reduce stretch marks.

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Foods to include would be egg yolks, liver, nuts, seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and linseeds, olive oil, coconut oil, whole grains, avocado, green leafy vegies, and oily fish like sardines and salmon. This is because they contain EFAs or essential fatty acids which help with the health of our skin and vitamins that are good for skin health such as B2, zinc, and Vitamin A and E.

Brightly coloured fruit and vegies are rich in phtyochemicals that help with skin integrity. Foods that are rich in silica like kale and spinach are great, or that contain cryptoxanthin like oranges and peaches, or those that have Lutein like broccoli or blackcurrants, and Lycopene like tomato and apricot.

Supplements worth considering are fish oils, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

The tissue salt Calc Flour improves skin elasticity and is safe to take during pregnancy.

Oils that you can use on your skin include jojoba, macadamia, almond, hemp, and vitamin E. There are blends that are marketed towards pregnant women specifically for stretch marks, but just read the label and check it is organic or 100% pure before you use it, as your skin is your biggest organ, and will absorb everything you put on it, and it will get to bub!

Mother's stretch marks from pregnancy
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Evening Primrose oil can be used topically, but the research is conflicting for use of Evening Primrose supplements during pregnancy so avoid just to be sure.

Calendula cream will help if the stretch marks are really sore and tender.

Keeping your skin moist from the inside and out is the best preventative treatment we have to offer. So keep up your fluid intake and drink a lot of water. During pregnancy enjoy a Healthy Mummy Pregnancy Smoothie as a snack to increase your fluids and add some of the ingredients mentioned above to increase your chance of reducing stretch marks.

Mother's stretch marks from pregnancy
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After pregnancy if you do have stretch marks, grapeseed oil will help with the healing and so will taking Gotu kola. Time does fade them, and they are a gentle reminder of the wondrous experience our body had to become mothers!

Enjoy those beautiful tummy rubs full of nice nourishing oils regardless of whether it is keeping stretch marks at bay!

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