Need to boost your calories? Try this mums nutty tip

This Healthy Mummys tip is to use nuts to increase calories so that you get that boost you need without going too overboard on food.
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The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meal plans are based on the number of calories your body needs to get the energy it needs but sometimes you need a bit of a calorie boost.

Healthy Mummy Flip McKinnon often gets asked how to increase calories healthily in our community so thought she would share her tip with us and it’s all about nuts.

Nuts to increase calories

How to use nuts to increase calories

Flip shared her top tip to get a small boost of calories without going overboard with food in The Healthy Mummy Private Support Group recently and she suggests to use nuts to increase calories.

“I often get questions about having to increase the amount of food eaten in order to meet a calorie target, and nuts are an easy way to increase your calorie intake. I published a post showing examples of what 200 calories of nuts looks like.”

See Flip’s post below including what each measurement of nuts looks like.

“Let’s go NUTS! 

Lots of ladies have been commenting lately that they can’t seem to eat up to their recommended calories and are falling short.

Nuts are a quick and easy snack and are suitable for most people. They are also an easy way to get extra calories in without feeling like you’re drowning in food.

Each handful below is roughly 190-220 calories. 

I’ve measured out: 

pistachios nuts to increase calories

40gm pistachios

cashews nuts to increase calories

35gm of cashews

Pecans nuts to increase calories

30gm of pecans

walnuts nuts to increase calories

30gm of walnuts

Brazil nuts to increase calories

30gm Brazil nuts

peanuts nuts to increase calories

30gm plain peanuts

almonds nuts to increase calories

30gm of natural almonds

It just gives you a quick visual guide on how you can get an extra 200 calories in if you’re struggling.”

If you need to cut calories rather than increase them try one of these tips.

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