10 easy ways to cut 500 calories from your daily diet

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Struggling to cut down on your calorie intake each day? What if we told you there may be a way to still consume the food you love but with just a few small tweaks!

We’ve rounded up 10 of the most Ah-MAZING calorie cutting hacks, so you don’t have to try too hard or go hungry.

10 simple hacks to cut out the calories

1. Stop the TV dinners

Studies show that when you eat in front of the TV, you consume an extra 288 calories!

Researcher Leann Birch, who studied the link between childhood obesity and eating in front of the TV says the problem itself doesn’t come from the box but rather from when anyone eats without paying attention to the amount, the taste, etc.

So turn the TV off, eat at the table and swap out that hour of trashy tv for an hours stroll.

2. Get moving

exercise with a buddy

Those who fidget throughout the day are said to burn 350 more calories than their sedentary counterparts. So put some music on and don’t stop the moving.

3. Portion Control

Swap out your dinner plate for a small bowl or side plate. You’ll find that with less room on your plate, the less space you have to indulge.

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4. Ditch the bun

Fancy a burger? If you can’t think about anything else, then why not make your own burger at home?

Or take it one step further and forget the bun. Another tip would be to eat your burger with a knife and fork. Or, if you really like to wrap your hands around a bundle of goodness, replace your bun with a lettuce leaf.

Check out these inventive recipes for a burger without the bun.

5. Smarter boozing

You don’t have to avoid the bar with your friends. You can drink alcohol, but be smarter about it. Why not try swapping out frozen margaritas for a glass of wine.  Or have vodka and sodas, instead of vodkas with lemonade.

Here is some information on how two glasses of red wine before bed can actually help you lose weight!

6. Familiarise yourself with a spiralizer

Replace pasta with delicious vegetables by putting them through the spiralizer. Then you get to still gorge on your favourite pasta dish, without all those heavy calories from the pasta’s carbohydrates.

7. Break up with bread

Sliced bread on white surface.

I know, I know… there really is nothing more satisfying than lathering fresh butter on a freshly toasted slice of white bread. But now its time to walk away from that relationship. Bread is void of any nutritional value and two slices of white bread equates to 133 calories.

So, step away from the bread basket!

8. Break up your meals

We’re all guilty of putting a variety of meats on our plates for one meal from time to time. But why not try using one meat with salad or vegetables? You’ll find the food in your fridge and freezer will last longer.

9. Put down your fork

Place down your knife and fork between each mouthful.

This will slow down the speed at which you devour your meal. Therefore allowing your body the time to feel full and satisfied.

10. Up the water ante

Increase your water intake.

Thirst often manifests as a hunger pain. So first things first, take a mouthful of water.

Another tip to quench your thirst may be to replace your soft drink or juice intake with water. Get through the 3:30 slum with a glass of water.

Water will only help to improve your weight loss and is a far better option than any man-made thirst quencher.

Want to know more about how many calories you need to cut to lose weight every day?

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