The Censored Postpartum Body Photo Causing A Social Media Stir

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Every mother’s body is beautiful. But Instagram doesn’t seem to think so. For the second time this month Instagram is feeling the heat after removing images of women’s bodies that they deem offensive.

Come and see the photos, read the message behind the Body Joy Project and tell us what you think. Are they offensive or art?

postpartum body body joy project


Finding the courage to strip naked, cover your body in paint and allow someone to take photos of you is not something that many women can easily do.

Imagine how you would feel if these images, which are part of a movement to help women feel comfortable in their own skin, are then removed by a social media outlet that decided the images were offensive?

How’s that for positive body awareness? And irony?

This is exactly what happened to new mum, Desiree Barnes-Doan when posing for the Body Joy Project after having her son, Fox.

The photo was quickly removed by Instagram before Desiree re-posted the photo with a powerful message:

“This picture has been popping up lately and for some reason it keeps getting censored by Instagram,” she says.

“It’s sad that something that is so healing to a woman is not acceptable. I’m sure if I posted pictures of my body before Fox there would be no removals.

“I can’t wait for society to catch up and worship women and their bodies the way they deserve with love, and appreciation.”

Love Your Body, Even if Instagram Won’t

Body Joy Project, which was started by Charlotte Dean, is a body-positive initiative that celebrates the human form through stunning, artistic photos.

The subjects of the project, often new mothers or women coming to terms with their post-cancer treatment bodies, admit that the photo sessions, though hard, are also quite healing.

Relationship With My Body ‘Complicated’

“My relationship with my body, like everyone else’s, is a complex one,” Desiree writes.

“It has changed so much over the years. I love my body. I love it even more now that I am a mother. Now that I have baby Fox I look at my body in a totally different way.”

The Body Joy Project is designed to help women feel comfortable with their ever-evolving bodies and “change the way our culture thinks about the body.” All bodies are beautiful, after all.

But ironically, Instagram tends to have other ideas.

Instagram, Please Explain….

It is their policy to remove images of genitals, sexual intercourse or close-ups of fully nude bodies.

But this image of Jess and Lisa Origliassos (who absolutely rock the body paint, by the way), is apparently perfectly acceptable.

So what’s the difference? Is it the glitter that makes it okay?

Earlier this week Instagram also caused a stir when they removed Alys’ nude photo, which was part of a body confidence project as well.

All the while Kim Kardashian’s naked selfies are still on the site, happily circulating the Instagram platform.

Instagram, please stop being an Instajerk.

Kindly back away from the REMOVE POST button and let ALL women feel comfortable and confident with their bodies. It’s only skin, after all.

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