The Powerful Movement That Will Have You Loving Your Body – Cellulite And All!

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When you work so hard at feeding your body well and exercising, it’s hard to admit that there are parts that we may never be completely happy with. The mum-tum that’s still a little jiggly. Those stubborn last five kilos. The cellulite on our thighs.

But this fabulous woman is teaching us that body positivity isn’t about being perfect. It’s about being happy and healthy.

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Kenzie Brenna is using her social media clout to shine a light on the dark places our minds can go when we’re unhappy with parts of our bodies. The UK YouTuber uses her Instagram account, which has a following of more than 35,000, to prove that beautiful doesn’t mean perfect.

The hashtag that started a positive body movement

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Kenzie admits that she doesn’t love her cellulite, but she says it shouldn’t ruin her life – or yours. So she started the hashtag #cellulitesaturday, in a bid to normalise it.

“Cellulite is little itty bitty fat cells that accumulate in places where your cute body says ‘yup, need some more of that over here!’,” Kenzie explains on Instagram.

“It isn’t a medical condition. It is a cosmetic personal issue that women have with themselves due to the overwhelming pressure our beauty culture has placed on having thin smooth, young looking skin.”

The power of Photoshop

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The 26-year-old also demonstrates just how easy it is for us to be fooled by what we see on social media. She says the distorted view provided by Photoshop means many of us have forgotten what normal looks like.

“There is no wrong way to have a body. Yes, I still manage to find wrong parts of my body. BUT I AM SO MUCH MORE THAN MY BODY. I am so much more than just being sculpted or squishy. And I will continue to try to embrace that! (Even though there will be moments where I can’t.)”

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We couldn’t agree more, Kenzie! At The Healthy Mummy we’re all about embracing your real self. After we have babies we’re often left with stretch marks, mummy tummies and wobbly bits. And it’s ok. Just take a look at our amazing weight loss before and after stories and you’ll see so many mums who have embraced their bodies for what they are – the amazing vessels that made, carried and nurtured our babies.

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