My Psoriasis has cleared and my skin looks so healthy now!

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The Healthy Mummy has helped this mum relieve her psoriasis that she has battled with for four years.

“I had psoriasis all over my scalp, and face, and a little on my back, and fingers. After a little while my hands and back have cleared up and my face isn’t as bad.”

“My Psoriasis has cleared and my skin looks so healthy now!”

Krissy Kolacz, 32 years from Blacktown NSW is a mum of three children aged, 12, almost 10, and 4. She has lost 23 kilos since July 2019.

Krissy shares, “I joined the Healthy Mummy in mid-July. I started at 137 kilos and am now weighing 114 kilos. I was in sizes 4xl,22,24.

“I was always bloated. Always tired. Always in pain. I have always lived with chronic joint pains and it was just getting worse.

“I had psoriasis all over my scalp, and face, and a little on my back, and fingers. After a little while my hands and back have cleared up and my face isn’t as bad. I got diagnosed with it when my youngest was around 6 months old. It was really bad. Felt like a permanent sunburn.

“My skin was bleeding in areas, and I was in so much pain. The doctor gave me a steroid gel to treat it and it’s awful after a while of constantly using the gel I started to break out in a rash. The Healthy Mummy has definitely helped ease it up a lot. I rarely need to use the gel now and my skin looks healthy.

“My joints aren’t hurting as much anymore. I can actually get up and move around and actually play and do things with my kids. I am now in a size 16, 18 and can fit in a medium shirt! It’s such a good feeling.”

“I had an unhealthy relationship with food and now I actually enjoy eating. And look forward to every meal and snack.

“My favorite smoothie is Choc nut pudding. Favourite meal is Lemon chicken.

One Pan Lemon Chicken and Roast Vegetables

Krissy’s tips for other mums:

  • Don’t look at it as a diet rather a new way of life. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Take it one day at a time.
  • There is always tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day. Take a day off every now and then, if you want to enjoy a piece of pizza or a piece of cake then go for it, don’t overindulge but one slice won’t hurt.
  • Don’t feel guilty, never feel guilty.
  • Take pictures, lots of pictures. Seeing the change in them is a huge confidence and motivation booster.
  • You don’t need a gym, your home is your gym. Whether it be cleaning your house or doing yoga in your living room. Also squats everywhere. I squat when I’m washing dishes, cooking dinner, brushing my hair, and brushing teeth, etc. It helps to get you moving.
  • Meal prepping is your friend! I meal prep every snack for each week and precut all veggies for every dinner for the week.

Krissy says her goal for 2020 is to get into that size 16 or get below 110 kilos, whichever comes first.

“I want to teach my kids to ride their bikes in 2020.”

Krissy adds, The Healthy Mummy community is amazing, nothing but positivity and support. Any questions I have had they’ve been able to help and answer. Any motivation I need, I can get it with them. It is an incredible and a great community to be with.”

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