How to pick the right swimsuit for your shape in The Healthy Mummy’s latest magazine

Don’t let swimsuit anxiety ruin your summer! In the latest edition of The Healthy Mummy’s magazine we help eight mums of different body sizes and heights pick the best swimsuit to suit their shape.

How to pick the right swimsuit for your shape in The Healthy Mummy's latest magazine

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Top tips when shopping for the right swimsuit for your body

We want to feel confident, comfortable, stylish and supported in our swimmers, especially as we run after our kiddies in the surf. But shopping for a swimsuit can make even the most confident of us feeling anxious!

Knowing the best style of swimwear for your shape and your lifestyle is essential, as there are so many different swimsuits to choose from – full pieces, tankinis, bikinis and other retro styles.

Here are a few things to think about when you start shopping. We’ve included a sneak peek from some of our tips from our amazing Healthy Mummy stylist…

  1. Go on a day that you are feeling positive

You’ll feel better about what you’re wearing when you’re in a good mood as opposed to if you’re feeling negative. It could set you back if you aren’t feeling great about yourself.

  1. Pick a style that suits your body

Remember, it’s about YOU! So, try to avoid the trends if they do not work for your body shape, and go for a style that suits your physique.

  1. Try to stick to your budget

    If you need a little more support or sculpting, then these things may cost more. But if you need to splash a bit extra in order to help you feel confident, then it might be better value for money in the long run, as you won’t need to keep buying swimsuits!

For more amazing tips and also to find out what type of swimsuit suits your body shape or if you have a big bust, smaller physique, tall torso etc. pick up our latest Healthy Mummy magazine.

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