Savvy mum loses 30kg on a budget of $220 a fortnight!

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The BIGGEST misconception with weight loss is that buying healthy food is expensive. But this thrifty mama proves that you can lose huge numbers without spending more on groceries!

Holly Wass lost a whopping 30kg on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge by spending ONLY $220 a fortnight on her shopping bill.

Please note, this story was published a while ago, so grocery prices may now vary.

Here’s how this mum does it…


Savvy mum loses 30kg on a budget of $220 a fortnight!

Holly says: My journey began in 2014 after the birth of my first son. My maternity leave and entitlements meant we were on a strict budget.

“The first time I weighed myself I was 110kg. I was drinking and eating so much sugar and fatty foods as I believed it was the cheaper option, and I was down about the way I looked in the mirror.”

Holly says she saw a post on Facebook about The Healthy Mummy and decided to join the Challenges.


“I realised how cheap this actually was. I would buy bulk meat and freeze into portions and cook as I needed it,” she says.

“My $220 budget on groceries a fortnight includes 5 packs of nappies and all the other cleaning products I need. I meal prep so there is no food wastage, and snacks are so quick and easy to make and majority are freezer friendly.”

Holly’s biggest tip: To go in with a shopping list and stick to what’s on the list.

The yummy mummy adds: “If you see meat cheaper than what is on your list, buy that option and view the recipe hub on The Healthy Mummy app.”

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