This study shows why our health and wellness is so important to life

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There have been some alarming findings in this new study regarding young adults, weight and life expectancy.

Australians in their 20s and 30s classified as obese or overweight can expect to lose up to 10 years in life expectancy!

EEK. Here is how anyone can turn their health around!

Study Warns Fat Shaming Obese People Increases Risk Of Heart Disease

Life expectancy slash regarding overweight Australians

Lead author Dr Thomas Lung, from The George Institute for Global Health, said, “We know that excess weight has an impact on your health, but to have excess weight as a young adult is really significant on life expectancy. We are talking about losing up to 10 years of your life.”

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The study also predicts that 36.3 million years of life will be lost over the lifetime of today’s Australian adult population as a result of overweight and obesity.

Some alarming numbers there. Healthy eating and leading an active lifestyle is vital for optimal health. Check out these recipes to get you back on track!

Also! It has been revealed that social sports can add years on to your life, here is the one that stands out from the others.

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