See how these mums’ lives have been transformed through their amazing weight loss of over 150 kgs combined

We love to see the fantastic achievements of our mums and celebrate them. These 10 mums amazing accomplishments are worth celebrating.
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We love to see the fantastic achievements of our mums and celebrate them and these 10 mums are worth celebrating!

By following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, these mums have completely transformed their health and their lives and say they are so proud of the role models they have become for their children.

These mums have transformed their bodies and minds

Kylie Martin has lot 24 kg

kyle martin

She says, “I’m a Healthy Mummy and have been doing the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for six months and I have lost 24kg. I have gone from a size tight 16 to a size 6-8 from 80kg to 56kg!” 

“I’m a mumma to three children ages five and under and my body has been through 10 pregnancies. I’m a busy tired mum, but I’d rather fuel my body and my family’s body’s rather than just fill them!”

Akasha Macey has lost 19 kgs

transformation tuesday

She says, “One year and 19 kilos down. I got to finally buy myself a nice dress and feel confident wearing it.”

“Thanks to everyone in the fashion group for your advice on where to shop and which dress to pick. Special thanks to my lovely friend who has always been a great support and inspiration.” 

Haley Bartlett has lost around 18 kgs

Hayley Bartlett

She says, “I am someone who hates to get bored. I always need to be challenging myself otherwise I go crazy. This is the same with my food and exercise. I love changing it up and doing/trying something new each day.” 

“The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges have given me variety in both of these areas. I no longer cringe when I have to eat. I love to eat! I no longer psych myself out of exercising, I enjoy it because it’s always different. Best of all I have lost a lot of weight (around 18kgs) and cms, and have gone from a size 18-20 to a 14 at present.”

“I have gained self-confidence & self-love and have created a healthy lifestyle that will be with me forever. No way is my journey over yet. But I can tell you I am travelling the right way.”

“Find what you love and go with it! No looking back, no questioning, just do it. You owe it to yourself.” 

Kerry Herten has lost 19 kgs

Kerry Herten

She says, “I began my journey in 2017 after looking through my holiday photos. I looked  overweight, depressed, unhealthy and close to hitting rock bottom.”

“After watching The Healthy Mummy support page sitting on the fence, I decided to sign up for a months trial to see if the program worked for me. The first week alone I lost 5kg! To date I have lost 19kg and maintained it…but I did fall off the wagon a couple of times…especially over the summer.”

“The Healthy Mummy has taught me the tools and skills to eat properly and keep my body active! I have so much to thank The Healthy Mummy for.”

“A little bit about me. I’m 36, single parent to 2 girls, ages 10 and 6. I work four days a week and study full time. I play netball once a week and I walk most days to keep me active.”

“It’s been an incredible journey, I still have a long way to go. If I can do it, then so can you!”

Samara Romanis is knocking minutes off her personal best

Samara Romanis

She says, “Almost 12 months between these photos. And when it is exactly 12 months, I’ll be running my first 10k at the Carmen’s fun run…Holy moly…I cannot believe how far I’ve come.” 

“My first parkrun I walked. The tail walker was very patient with me as I had my four kids with me. My baby in a baby carrier, my then three-year-old in the pram and the older two either side of the pram. I was determined that day to get there no matter what it took. I wanted to make a change, I wanted to not let the excuses keep me prisoner.”

“Since then I’ve knocked off 19 minutes off my personal best with my latest being 40.42 and I am super proud of how far I’ve come in that time.”

“I have a love-hate relationship with running, I love all the good feels I get from running but the actual act of running is not my favourite. My body aches. But I push through and it’s the mindset that will always get me through. Some runs are tougher than others, and I do much better with interval running.”

“There is no better feeling than achievement and self-satisfaction in beating your own time. This is what keeps me coming back each week.”

“Parkrun is for everyone of all fitness levels, no one ever comes last and you are only ever competing against yourself, your own personal best.” 

Tianna McMartin has lost 11 kgstianna mcmartin (1)

She says, “Left Pic: 21 years old 115kg;  Right pic: 28 years old 89.5kg” 

“I started The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in September and went from 100kg to 89.5kg by end of October, this month’s measurements yet to be done.”

“The Healthy Mummy has taught me how to fuel my body with the right foods, how to love the skin I’m in and to be a better role model for my little family!”

“Doing the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges has taught me to never give up and we can achieve anything!”

“I’m thankful for my new lifestyle! A healthy one that my family and myself can enjoy!”

Sammy Wolf is now confident to wear a bikini on the beach

samy wolf

She says, “I’ve gone from being really self-conscious and always covering up at the beach to being confident enough to wear just my bikini to the beach!” 

“Thank you, Rhian and The Healthy Mummy team for helping me lose weight and become confident in my own skin” 

Amy Thomson has lost 23.3 kgs

amy thomson

She says, “For me, one of my sensitive areas is my arms. I have always worn long-sleeved shirts to hide away.”

“I have been working hard on this area and not only to physically change my arms but mentally changing the way I see them.” 

“Yesterday I did something I have never done! I went swimming uncovered!” 

“I felt confident and beautiful and didn’t care if anyone was looking at me! 23.3kgs gone and so much self-love gained.” 

Leah Romiti has lost 10 kgs

leah romiti
She says, “Pic 1 – one week postpartum, 82kg; Pic 2 – Today, four months postpartum, 72kg”

“No, I’m not the 60kgs that I was early last year but that’s ok!! Our bodies are capable of amazing things and I’m on a new journey now.”

“I’m proud of how far I’ve come since having my gorgeous boy and I’m going to keep working hard every day.”

“My body has grown three little humans. I have stretch marks, loose skin, new curves!! But I love it.”

“I’m eating Healthy Mummy meals every day (2000 calories daily)”

“I’m becoming strong again”

“I’m regaining my fitness”

“I’m being consistent”

“I have been a Healthy Mummy for 3 1/2 years and I LOVE it! It works because it’s sustainable.”

“I am happy, I am healthy and I’m reaching my goals. I love that I’m a role model for my three beautiful boys.” 

Bec Jackson has lost 25 kgs

bec jackson

She says, “Strength and fitness have been a big part of my transformation! There’s 25kg of body fat lost between these pics – which is what I carried in weights through my obstacle race on Sunday! Wow when I dropped the pack before the water obstacles I realised how heavy that actually was!” 

“By using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, The Healthy Mummy smoothies, The Healthy Mummy protein and exercises and adding in more recently functional training I have become the strongest and fittest version of me!”

“When I was 17 I joined the army reserve at the very same weight I am now 65.5kg and couldn’t do half the things I accomplished in the Battlefield obstacle race on Sunday at almost 40! Thanks The Healthy Mummy for helping me transform my health and fitness!” 

Well done mums, your achievements are phenomenal!

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