Walking EVERY DAY helped this mum lose 19kg and tone her tummy

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If you’ve never exercised before and want to start your weight loss journey, DON’T PANIC. You don’t need to buy expensive gym equipment to get started. You can start off by taking it slow.

When combined with a healthy, balanced diet, a little bit of exercise a day can go a VERY long way.

Kylie Martin has lost 19kg by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and she started off by walking every day.


Starting off slowly

Kylie has been following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge since April.

“I started with a 4km walk every day and eventually I was walking up to 10km,” she says.

“My children are four, three and two and don’t go to daycare, so I just walked late at night while my hubby was at home or did it when I could.”

Finding the strength, motivation and determination to do more

A few weeks following the Challenge, Kylie tried her best to squeeze in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge circuits where (and when) possible – like when her kids were sleeping.

4 months later, she found herself wanting to push herself more and focus on toning up.

“Following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge [and using the Smoothies] has worked for me because it’s so family-friendly,” she says.

“I joined a gym in August to work on trimming and toning up my body and try to go every day first thing.”


Kylie’s top tips for a flatter tummy

“Walking is fantastic to flatten your tummy. I’m now pushing on doing the core exercises to tone up my jiggly bits,” she says.

What’s more Kylie says she is a huge fan of the NEW Healthy Mummy Core Workout exercises to help tone and tighten her tummy.

“I needed The Healthy Mummy for my mental health as well as physical health and I’m so thankful I found them.”

Did you know that the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has a heap of core workouts that are designed to tighten the tummy, reduce the belly fat and strengthen your core muscles?


For more information on these workouts, read more about the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge here.

Beat your tummy bloat with the Healthy Mummy

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